I composed this article on 29/03/2020 and shared it broadly via web-based media when Covid-19 started desolating the world. At that point, Bill Gates’ significant other Melinda Gates was said to have “forecasted” that there’ll be dead bodies lying in the city of Africa. One year on, may we ponder how we (Africa) have fared all things considered. Has Melinda Gates forecasts worked out as expected? Numerous other world pioneers and worldwide bodies like the World Health Organization (WHO) anticipated destruction for Africa. How has the world, particularly the western world fared concerning the pandemic? Is there a God factor taking all things together of these? Kindly read on:

“Africa will compose its own set of experiences, and it will be, toward the north and toward the south of the Sahara, a past filled with brilliance and dignity…”

My untouched most loved youth story Book is named “Martinko: Or, Without God in the World.” It’s a tale about a Slovakian kid who was stranded as a child and brought by a family up in a little Slovak town. He turned into a shepherd watching and really focusing on the town’s animals. Having never gone to class, Martinko never found out about God. In any case, at some point, a more unusual tags along and shows Martinko the Good Shepherd; and this changed Martinko’s life for eternity.

It’s a little book I generally conveyed with me wherever I go (went)! At some point, the unimaginable occurred! I lost my Book. For quite a long time, many months, I was unable to get over my misfortune. The initial not many days and weeks, I cried. Till this day, I can’t tell or say unequivocally what charmed this Book such a huge amount to me.

Maybe I saw a few likenesses among myself and the stranded Martinko. As far as I might be concerned, growing up without a dad figure, there was a void in my life that should have been filled. There was an inward yearning for something that wasn’t there. There was an opening that should have been filled. Alone with my ignorant mum who couldn’t furnish me with answers to the numerous inquiries I had in my brain, I ached to look for the appropriate responses myself. Numerous days I would go on a walk, wandering the areas of Michel Camp and Kakasunaka No.1 and No. 2 throughout the day.

Like the Slovak vagrant, there was a yearning in my internal soul and soul for something. Furthermore, the quest for that something brought me into the forested areas at times, with my Book. Like Martinko the Shepherd, I was consistently on an excursion. Despite the fact that it’s been numerous years now since; I actually recollect the Slovakian Orphaned Shepherd Martinko. The human body contains a spirit and soul. This world isn’t our home. At some point, we’ll need to meet our Maker, whose Spirit and Soul we are made of.

While in Pentonville in the late spring of 2013, preceding my experience with the Holy Spirit, Minta Addido, my Bible Teacher in the jail disclosed to me that Christianity is presently in Africa. Furthermore, that, despite the fact that the West carried Christianity to Africa, the West have totally deserted the Gospel. It implies then that, God’s DWELLING is in Africa since the West has dismissed God, though Africa is aching for God. May God accordingly demonstrate to the world by limiting the effect of Covid-19 on the African Continent!

Pope cautions of West’s ‘Desert of Godlessness’ April 11 2009 03:44 AM

Progressively common Western social orders hazard floating into a “desert of Godlessness,” the Pope cautioned in his Good Friday address yesterday.

Talking during the Way of the Cross parade at the Colosseum in Rome, he said “strict estimations” were progressively positioned among the “unwanted extras of olden times” and held up to disdain and scorn. He utilized the current year’s Good Friday reflections at the Stations of the Cross to contrast endeavors with cleanse religion from public life to the joke Jesus looked from the crowd.

The Bavarian-conceived Pontiff – shown divulging the Crucifix yesterday as he drove the Passion of the Christ Ceremony in St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican – utilized solid language as he assaulted endeavors to secularize society. Talking at the seventh Station of the Cross, where Jesus was made an “object of fun”, he said:

“We are stunned to see to what in particular degrees of mercilessness people can sink. Jesus is embarrassed in new manners even today. At the point when things that are generally blessed and significant in the confidence are being downplayed, the feeling of the holy is permitted to dissolve. Our coexistence is by and large progressively secularized. Strict life becomes shy. In this manner we see the most groundbreaking issue set among trivialities, and technicalities celebrated.”

The Pope implored that Christians would react to the issue by filling in confidence. “May we never question or fake genuine things in life like a skeptic,” he implored.

The parade at the Colosseum, where a great many early Christians kicked the bucket as saints, will in general zero in on the inconveniences confronting the world. (©Daily Telegraph, London).

“Christianity Is a Generation Away From Extinction” in Britain,” Says Former Archbishop of Canterbury. Except if the congregation makes a considerable forward leap in drawing in youngsters back to the confidence, Christianity in Britain is only “an age away from elimination,” says previous Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey.

Referring to the Church of England’s notice that contracting participation could challenge its job as a “public establishment,” Lord Carey called attention to at a Christian Conference that pastorate are as of now wrestling with a “sensation of rout” and assemblages are burdened with “weight,” as per The Telegraph. What’s more, he said, the public’s response to the entirety of this is just “moved eyes and a yawn of weariness.”

Diocese supervisor of York, Dr. John Sentamu, featured the gravity of the withering church by advising individuals they need to “proselytize or fossilize.” Sentamu proclaimed the requirement for an essential mission focused on the “re-proselytizing of England,” similar as the service of the northern holy people, for example, Cuthbert, Hilda and Aidan who spread Christianity in Anglo-Saxon occasions.

“In numerous pieces of Britain chapels are battling, a few ministers are restrained and need certainty; a sensation of rout is near. The weight appears to be weighty and satisfaction in service has been supplanted by a sensation of substantialness,” said Lord Carey, featuring that individuals had gotten pompous toward the gospel.

“The perspective could be communicated in an assortment of non-verbal ways: the shrug of apathy, according to humiliation, the yawn of weariness… So numerous individuals don’t consider the to be church as where incredible things occur,” he said.

“To sit in a virus church taking a gander at the rear of others’ heads is definitely not the best spot to meet energizing individuals and to hear prophetic words… It is as yet the situation that individuals are basically searching for otherworldly satisfaction,” he added.

“Perhaps the most stressing, most earnest gatherings we need to put resources into is youngsters. We should be embarrassed about ourselves,” Lord Carey noted. “Such countless holy places have no service to youngsters and that implies they have no interest later on. As I have rehashed commonly in the past we are one age away from elimination. We need to give fitting motivations to youngsters why the Christian confidence is applicable to them,” he said.

Actually, I, Maxwell MAUNDY, have seen the passing of the Church in Britain. During my time in the UK, I went through a year living and working in the waterfront beautiful field town of Hastings in East Sussex. I was going to the Church of England near my home in St. Leonards. On a common Sunday Church administration, there were just a modest bunch of elderly individuals (Grandpas and Grannies).

There were not really an adolescent or youngster in Church. The lone individual I saw more youthful than the Grandpas and Grannies was simply the Priest. The circumstance would be the same as the Catholic Church close by, except if there were a few Africans living nearby. There were relatively few Africans in Hastings, particularly St Leonards where I remained. During my long periods of Evangelism in the city of London – for the most part in Croydon – it was stunning to know how British youngsters and youth have no clue about God, or His reality. On this note:

“God favor America…”: NO, America NO longer knows God!

“God favor The Queen…”: NO, The Queen and her Subjects (British) NO longer know God!

“God favor our Homeland Ghana…”: YES! Indeed!! Indeed!!!

God’s Dwelling is in Africa since Africa is aching for GOD!

Please GOD, Let Africa arise triumphant against western pioneers’ forecasts that Africa will be the most noticeably terrible hit by Covid


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