Following distribution of my latest article with the above title, there have been a lot of remarks on my article. What disheartens me is the way that governmental issues have been added something extra to my article. A few analysts have marked me a lawmaker doing legislative issues with local area issues.

Subsequent to perusing the remarks, two articles I wrote in the past forcefully rung a bell. One is named “The deception of objectivity, truth and reality: The tragic territory of Ghana and Africa”

The second is named “Where do we draw a line between hardliner legislative issues and our aggregate interest (public interest) as a group or a country?”

Presently that I’m lucky to have been conceded the lowering honor of a Columnist, I’ll share the main article, and the second as a subsequent later. Yet, before I share the principal article, let me illuminate what happened earlier today.

A media house requested me for pictures from the extension with individuals strolling on it, to empower them do a distribution. Subsequently, I went to the extension earlier today. When I began taking pictures, a man from no place showed his face. He presented himself as privately known as “Down There.” He says he’s the person who ranches around the stream and scaffold. “Down There” began deploring to me about the thing has been occurring with the scaffold throughout the long term, and how a few people have come to snap photos of the extension as I was doing, however totally added up to “NOTHING!”

He deplored how there have been a few gatherings/showdowns with the MP and the Assembly individuals over the condition of the scaffold. He said Atinka TV has had inclusion of the scaffold, and it had been in the information however without much of any result. “Down There” claims that he is the person who has been continually fixing or changing the extension at whatever point it’s in a basic phase of approaching breakdown, however with no appreciation from the “people pulling the strings.”

At the point when I got done with the photos, I crossed the extension to talk with “Kampala” once more, and make proper acquaintance with him. Kampala authenticated and affirmed the case by “Down There.” Kampala likewise said that since the occurrence with the MP over the scaffold, he had encouraged himself to avoid the extension. What’s more, that just once he again went to help with changing the scaffold when there was a pressing need.

As I was going to leave Kampala’s place, I saw a horde of younger students and grown-ups crossing from Abensu side to Teacher-Kope. Rapidly I started accepting pictures of them as they were strolling on the scaffold.

An older man among them inquired as to whether I’ll send the photos to the media. He said he had himself sent a few pictures to media houses, some to TV3 in the previous few days and weeks. He presented himself as “Mr Charles,” and said that they have had a few gatherings with the MP over this extension before the decisions.

Indeed, this is simply the Ghana that we need! Our outlook and demeanor would make legislative issues a worthwhile endeavor for the trivial few, and would advance themselves while the majority are languishing. What is much more stunning is the mentality of a portion of our informed people, the individuals who should know better.

The second one assembles mental fortitude to talk or expound on the rottenness in our general public and body legislative issues, there are the individuals who have marked themselves as “infantry.” And they’ll criticize your review and toss such a remarks at you. Indeed, I acknowledge the remarks in accordance with some basic honesty – analysis is a vital part of being in the inky crew. Be that as it may, I’ll wish we don’t hop into making inferences dependent on hardliner governmental issues. May God help and save us in this country! However, I figure God Himself should be worn out on us now, since we have neglected to think carefully and cerebrums that He (GOD) has given us!

Until there’s a complete reestablishment of our ancestral and ethnocentric attitude, to go up against issues unbiasedly without partisanship, we are in for a greater “shithloe” that will be burrowed by our bad and greedy lawmakers to swallow us all, aside from the government officials themselves and their families, since they’ll have made a break course for themselves and families; as they have been doing with the laws of the nation – turning them for crazy decisions!

What’s more, our “Honor Judges” who should address God in the issues of Men; are without the dread of God! What’s more, contingent upon your political tones or leanings, you’re either upbeat or furious with any ridiculous decision that emerges from our courts – the alleged foundation of sacredness and respectability! Ghana according to God!!

Presently, here’s the first of the two articles that I need to share. I composed this one on 29th September 2020. Kindly read on:

The fantasy of objectivity, truth and reality: The pitiful territory of Ghana and Africa!

Recently I shared an article named “Ghana First” following a meeting of one Mr Kwame Okyere Darko that I watched. The meeting/video was about the honor of the Covid-19 testing at the Kotoka International Airport to an obscure organization from no place, and the extreme measure of $150 that was being charged.

Subsequent to watching the meeting/video, I shared it generally. After my sharing, I had a touch of contention with a dear companion of mine who was my mate at the University of Ghana, yet whom I lost contact with when I at long last left Ghana for the UK after my undergrad considers. Despite the fact that we were mate from first year at the University, my companion completed a year in front of me because of my hole year abroad. So for fifteen (15) a long time since 2005, I lost contact with him till scarcely two months prior when he spotted me at Madina station even as my face was half-shrouded with the musk.

For certain reasons, I’ve been not able to get over the contention or conversation that I had with my old buddy, and therefore, have wound up having restless evening. The thing with me nonetheless, is that, assuming rest evades me, I wind up grappling with pen and paper throughout the evening. The following are the talks/contentions/conversations that I had with my companion. My companion contended:

I think the contention made was about the expense as well as the promptly accessibility of the outcomes so suburbanites will go on with their lives when they know their status. If we somehow managed to pass by the typical testing standard, that was suspected to require around fourteen days before results are accessible, that could cost the voyager all the more equivalently. I’m an arrangement examiner and just managing the strategy, not protecting any lawmaker brother. I comprehend your point, however this specific contention comparable to the Coronavirus test is the thing that I am saying was simply to provide food for the current circumstance the nation gets itself. Or then again do you favor our air terminal to stay shut? It requires around fourteen days to get aftereffects of the test from Noguchi. Try not to overemphasize your point. I have watched the video you sent. Noguchi doesn’t have the testing units for the under 30 minutes results.

What’s more, my reactions were:

Well! The second we leap to shield the shaky, we give the legislators the dauntlessness to continue. Nothing would make whatever approach it is, feasible than for our state organization of Noguchi to do the work. This defilement ridden of for the time being arrangement of equal organizations is only debasement and explicit taking of state cash. The prior we rally together to squeeze our government officials to stop from the training, the better for us as a group. We ought not give them any room by discussing strategy, be it party An or B. Please, you have lost the contention. If it’s not too much trouble, return to the post. What is Noguchi for? Please, we ought not go on this digression. If it’s not too much trouble, watch the video/meet and be completely educated on my review. So we both know there are various classifications of test. So would we say we are saying that Noguchi can’t do the sort that produces bring about 30 minutes? Be that as it may, an organization shaped for the time being, and even need to tap on ability from Noguchi? Kindly, let us quit messing ourselves up. It makes me debilitated. I see! It’s dismal, right? It’s miserable that our deep rooted research foundation of Noguchi doesn’t have the testing units however an organization framed for the time being has it. Pitiful, isn’t it my sibling? Well! On the off chance that we continue with this mentality, we’ll everlastingly be a shithole country.

Gee! What pesters me, and maybe the justification me losing rest over the conversation I had with my companion, is the way that my companion is in the last phases of his PhD studies, and I’m restlessly anticipating having another mate or companion of mine bear the title Dr, while my own desire to turn into a scholarly Dr actually stays an inaccessible dream. So my concern is this: if those of us with some degree of schooling, who should know better, and should revitalize together to complete things suitably to guide our country out of the “shithole,” keep on discovering reasons on the side of our “politricktians” or “misleaders,” at that point what expectation have we?

It’s very sad and pathetic that those who find reasons to support the political rot going on in our country, same people would be seeing all the rots if it were a different party in government. To put it bluntly, politics has shrouded our perception of objectivity, honesty, truth and what have you; even those with an appreciable level of education, and so-called Christians that we claim to be, and even want to build Cathedral for God! This GOD is too humane for my liking!

Where was this so-called company with kits when pressure mounted on Noguchi as the sole Testing facility for Covid-19 in this country? And now that it’s time to rake in millions of dollars at the airport, a mysterious company has surfaced, and our soon PhD holders and intellectuals cum policy analyst have reasons to believe that there’s justification for the rot going on at our airport! Seriously, I’m beginning to lose respect or admiration for anything Ghanaian or African; even PhD! And who’s to blame? The Politicians or ourselves? We have made life too comfortable for Politicians in this country, whilst the electorates (masses) are hoping like frogs!

Hmmm! From the look of things, am I right to say that, we (Blacks) are the most corrupt, senseless, heartless etc of humanity, if our politicians or leaders are reflections of our totality as a people? Something is seriously wrong with our mind-set! Until we all take a sip of that powerful and strong bleach, to clean our filthy minds off blind partisanship, every great and perfect idea conceived, such as “THE CLEANEST CITY IN AFRICA,” “GHANA BEYOND AID” and all others would be nothing but a mirage or an illusion!

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