I have perused upsetting news reports about the revelation of dead fish and other sea-going well evolved creatures at Osu Beach in Accra and Axim-Bewire sea shore in the Nzema East Municipality in the Western Region of Ghana.

This is especially upsetting a result of the quantum of dead fishes and other sea-going vertebrates which have been supposedly washed aground.

For example, in the Western Region, it is accounted for that the whale-like vertebrates which were washed shorewards over the course of the end of the week were more than 80 altogether at the Axim-Bewire sea shore. It is significant for the public authority should find prompt ways to guarantee that the dead fish don’t wind up in the business sectors available to be purchased.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture, the Environmental Protection Agency and Fisheries commission along with the individual Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies where these disclosures have been made should work intimately with the important partners in the fishing networks and industry to forestall the utilization of the dead fish.

In the event that critical and solid measures are not set up, corrupt individuals will probably pirate the dead fish out of the shadows markets and the close by networks either for utilization or available to be purchased to the clueless public. The significant specialists, for example, EPA, FC, and MoFA should not just find ways to recognize the reason for the fatalities yet additionally guarantee that the Ghanaian public is protected from burning-through the dead fish since the reason for fatalities is yet to be set up. More mindfulness ought to be made by means of the media in the influenced regions, particularly in the neighborhood tongues.

As indicated by the Citi Newsroom report on fourth April 2021, the huge loads of dead fish washed aground on third April 2021 at the Osu Castle Beach pulled in numerous occupants some of whom picked the dead fish either for utilization or available to be purchased. This is unquestionably disturbing and prompt advances should be taken by the specialists to guarantee the recovery of the dead fish from the homes of individuals and those that generally wound up in the business sectors.

The public authority should assist the examinations to get to the base since this can’t be the same old thing. The public authority should set up satisfactory measures to ensure and monitor our nation’s water assets from all types of contamination like illicit fishing and mining exercises.

Deductively, it is set up that few seaward exercises like decreased oxygen, irresistible illnesses and parasites, poisonousness because of synthetic spillage or defilement among different components could bring about fatalities in fish and other sea-going species as we have seen.

This isn’t to make any rushed inferences into what happened even before the real causes are set up however to share an overall knowledge viewpoint on the issue. This is the reason the public authority needs to build up the genuine reason for these fatalities.

Ghana’s per capita utilization of fish as per FAO remained at 25 kg for every annum in 2016 which was much higher than the assessed mainland and world midpoints of 10.5 and 18.9 kg individually. Is in any event, stressing that Ghana apparently imports over half of fish and other fish items to enhance the nearby fish creation in the country.

This calls for exhausting endeavors and responsibility from the public authority to guarantee that our fisheries assets are not totally drained in the following not many years since that will leave a huge number of individuals particularly the fisherfolks totally devastated.

The fisherfolks are now overburdened with a significant expense of fuel and other fishing gears, if the water assets are not sufficiently shielded from a wide range of criminal operations, it the fisherfolks who will be impeded as well as Ghana’s fish imports would likewise heighten, consequently presenting more Ghanaians to agonizing everyday environments.

Indeed, let me repeat my appeal to the public authority to desperately team up with every one of the important partners particularly fisherfolks and different sellers in fish items, the significant neighborhood specialists like the Chiefs, get together individuals and so forth to outline practical methodologies to forestall the utilization and pirating of the dead fish and other oceanic species washed shorewards into the close by networks and markets the nation over.


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