Recently, I watched on Facebook a selection of a meeting Honorable Kennedy Agyapong conceded to Net2TVGH in which he denounced the inadequacy and the joyful disposition of some Ghanaian Doctors and their powerlessness to make fundamental determinations. From the amateurish and lazy way, a few Doctors in Ghana carry on towards their patients, you would not be mixed up in reasoning that they couldn’t care less.

From missed analyses, even after various visits and tests, to not acting with desperation even in basic cases, the degree of clinical consideration in certain clinics in Ghana, can, best case scenario, be portrayed as shocking. I’m discussing significant emergency clinics in our significant urban communities – Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Takoradi and so on – not some provincial backwater medical clinics.

What upset me to at last compose this article, adding to the various stories I have known about pointless passings from appalling clinical consideration in Ghana, was the demise of the infant of a relative during conveyance and the close demise of the mother – both absolutely superfluous. The mother’s sugar was high during pregnancy and a ultrasound filter showed that the child was greater than typical because of gestational diabetes.

As the pregnancy progressed, the infant filled in size and clearly the child couldn’t be conveyed normally however should have been conveyed by C-Section. At the point when it came to conveyance, rather than the C-Section, the Doctors on the job urged the lady to convey normally. Thus, the infant kicked the bucket in the belly and the lady must be cut up for the child – with numerous wounds – to be removed.

The lady drained bountifully yet luckily endure. The most noticeably terrible piece of this clinical misbehavior was the pomposity that the clinic staff showed when her better half took steps to take this matter up with the specialists. They compromised that on the off chance that he went on, they would ensure that the emergency clinic never goes to any of his relatives later on.

Another general’s significant other went to a medical clinic to conceive an offspring and wound up biting the dust. This was additionally because of the Doctors’ carelessness. From what I realized, in giving epidural sedation during a C-Section, contingent upon the medicine being directed, the lady’s head should be raised higher or lower than the feet with the goal that the medication would numb the lower a piece of the body to obstruct torment receptors around the midsection and belly.

The Doctors’ situated the lady on the auditorium bed the incorrect route and, therefore, the epidural sedative drug went to her chest area and deadened her breathing muscles prompting her demise. Luckily, the infant endure however is presently motherless.

Anecdotes about inability to analyze or wrong findings are simply too various to even consider checking. As of late, a relative visited the medical clinic ordinarily with a basic objection. He gets into a hacking fit and hacks so hard thus long that he passes out immediately. During one such scene, he passed out in the driver’s seat and got into a mishap. It took a few specialists I know here in the USA a couple of inquiries to propose conceivable grown-up challenging hack.

However this relative went to the emergency clinic commonly with no conclusion from the numerous Ghanaian Doctors, until we inquired as to whether it very well may be challenging hack. Bashfully, on the grounds that a portion of our Doctors are too self-important to even think about conceding that they don’t know it all, and surprisingly more awful, will not learn. A straightforward pursuit on Google with his manifestations, likewise recommended challenging hack as a potential finding. Whenever he was given prescription for challenging hack, his manifestations vanished.

My own mom went to the clinic commonly with side effects recommending diabetes yet was given various analyses until she, when all is said and done, – somebody who has never been to class – proposed “sugar illness” to the specialist, and was at long last determined to have diabetes.

A sister additionally objected to her gallbladder. Whenever she ate anything slick, she would feel serious torment in her side and must be raced to the clinic. The Doctors, subsequent to analyzing her would just say: “We haven’t discovered anything.” This happened so often that we began contemplating whether it was mental.

Once more, a couple of inquiries posed by certain Doctors here in the USA recommended that the gallbladder may be the offender and they proposed a ultrasound of the gallbladder and lo and see, she had a stone in her gallbladder and once the gallbladder was eliminated, her concern likewise disappeared.

One more companion from my school days at Legon went to the USA for his girl’s graduation and fallen on appearance. He was determined to have stage four cellular breakdown in the lungs. He had never smoked a day in his life. At the point when I visited him at Worcester, Massachusetts he grumbled that when the manifestations started, he went to numerous public and private emergency clinics in Ghana however never got a right analysis. He later passed on from the illness when he got back to Ghana.

I can continue endlessly with a great many instances of such cases. I don’t intend to project slanders on all, or even a greater part of Ghanaian Doctors; yet I am disappointed, as most Ghanaians are, with those Doctors who don’t esteem human existence enough and fail to remember that their essential duty as Doctors is to initially do no mischief – and to save lives.

I trust that the Medical and Dental Council in Ghana sits up and take care of their work and approval these awful Doctors, to inspire the degree of medical services in Ghana. These Doctors likewise should be sued for Medical Malpractice to fill in as a hindrance to their partners.


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