Frequently, we will in general reprimand individuals for their mistakes, their terrible disposition, or even their shamelessness. However, one thing I notice is that we fault the man instead of the person who set him there. Remember he was put there for a reason. He was put there some of the time to be utilized, manhandled, and compelled to do what he would not like to do. The mission is to consistently achieve an insatiable aspiration. This review zeros in additional on Ghana’s political viewpoint.

I’m not going to avoid the real issue. Ghana as a nation has overcome much and we can’t simply permit some childish people discolor the great name our front originators has made. See, we are in troublesome occasions my dear companions and it stuns to realize that individuals are enduring, individuals are passing on, organizations are slamming, and life for the most part is turning into a pressure since we should acclimate to the new standard. Furthermore, what is the new standard? A standard where wellbeing and security is our highest need.

Today, sectarian estimations are loved more than living souls, political missions and promulgation is all we hear. Lawmakers are in a real sense purchasing individuals’ brains due to control and nobody appear to be concerned. Indeed, I am and that is the reason you are perusing this review. A portion of the Politicians we casted a ballot into power are presently baffling us.

Also, I pose this inquiry; who casted a ballot these people into office? You and I did. What’s more, why were they casted a ballot into power? To raise the name of Ghana high or raise themselves high. Well I don’t know for them however everything I do know is they should and consistently address the country and individuals. We should be their number 1 need in light of the fact that is a support of the country and not their families, companions or friends and family.

At the point when you investigate Ghana’s political framework and how a portion of these lawmakers’ maltreatment and use power, you will consistently find out if they will at any point be considered responsible. They show their abundance via online media as though that is all to the job given. The Politician isn’t helping us out. They should be considered responsible.

For what reason do we trust that 4 years will change a framework that obviously doesn’t uphold the residents?

This may have neither rhyme nor reason however is up for the whole nation to choose. Both youthful and old.

I propose there ought to be other autonomous bodies/frameworks set up to screen and assess guarantees and vows made by Politicians.

Individuals should be considered responsible for their activities. There ought to be somebody to respond in due order regarding a misfortune, an arrangement or an activity turned out badly and so forth

How might we have a viable political framework if nobody needs to be considered responsible? Government officials should be considered responsible.

I have committed time and energy in this activity to ensure wrongs are seen, rights are perceived and applauded.

I represent the voiceless and compose for the world to perceive how outlandishly we are being dealt with us residents in our own country. Indeed, you and I have the right to know. We have the right to know all that upholds and doesn’t uphold our development as a country. Government officials come for the sake of nationalism and deceive the populace into accepting that their necessities are their anxiety and number one (1) need.

They lie to us and take contracts worth huge number of cedis to advance their pockets and that of their families and friends and family.

Ghana worldwide has chalked numerous triumphs and has been perceived as one of the quiet nations in Africa and the world. As indicated by a BBC report on first May 2018, Ghana is considered as quite possibly the most steady nations in West Africa since it changed to a multi-party popular government in 1992.

Ghana is a center pay country, the world’s second biggest cocoa maker and Africa’s greatest gold digger after South Africa?

In the course of the most recent decade, Ghana has appreciated progressively steady and developing majority rule administration. Four fruitful decisions in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 have reinforced the viability of key public foundations, upgraded financial backer certainty and moored the new economy into a climate for development. Ghana has a prominent peacekeeping job; troops have been sent to Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and DR Congo.

Ghana appreciates a serious level of media opportunity; the private press and telecasters work without huge limitations from the State. The media is allowed to investigate and condemn the specialists unafraid of counters. The private press is exuberant, and frequently conveys analysis of government approaches when it needs to.

So where from the unexpected demise of media faculty, significant and committed residents filling their need in different Leadership jobs.

Our lives matter as Ghanaian. It disheartens me whenever I watch the TV or tune in to the radio and all I see and hear day by day is about legislative issues. Residents are murdered for making the best decision, sacked for not consenting to a wrong by our “supposed Leaders”.

Do you recall the financial emergency that occurred somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2020? It began a year after President Nana Akufo-Addo was chosen as president in December 2016. The emergency was serious to the point that in addition to the fact that it affected the nation, yet lives were additionally lost all the while, homes were covered, relationships were broken, connections among fathers and their youngsters were annihilated, and so on


The customary Ghanaian selling out there in the city, peddling and going to earn enough to pay the rent are the most influenced when approaches from “above” turn out badly.

The legislator couldn’t care less about you. Indeed, they couldn’t care less about you. Their sole interest is to make life agreeable for themselves, families and friends and family. We have had experiences with a few Presidents. Some we can strikingly say progressed nicely, however for some we don’t have a lot to say.

Individuals who attempt to do the correct things are either slaughtered, lied on or sack unlawfully from their positions. What’s going on in Ghana?

We neglect to concede we need assistance as a group and a country.

One of my articles named “Mr. President what you need to be associated with?” was distributed by Citi newsroom on 21st of April 2020. The inquiry was coordinated to the President; yet people in positions of authority should likewise respond to it. What would you like to be associated with? “Eric Worlali Domie composes: Mr. President, what would you like to be associated with? mr-president-what-would you-like to-be-associated with/”

Why execute the correct man for making the best decision? Why sack the correct man for making the best choice? Why poison the correct man for making the best choice?

Why minimize the insight of the correct man with lies and by so doing place him in a tough situation?

We have heard and seen a ton of these issues come up however how could they be analyzed and managed? Blameless individuals are manhandled and stretched to the edge where they can’t say no in light of the fact that their lives are in question.

Try not to fault the man, fault the person who set him there.

The nation steadily is self-destructing, and Politicians are not seeing the motivation to embrace new measures. The avarice and self centered hearts of some Political Leaders are the thing we are battling now.

How might we say it is correct when it isn’t right?

Individuals are compelled to sign agreements they would prefer not to, ransack and take from the guiltless and poor people.

I see our security framework; I see hearts and psyche of grieved spirits trusting that the following order will accomplish something incorrectly.

Energy is not, at this point the center target when joining a Security organization. Lawmakers have discolored the names of these Nobel Institutions. They approach them and use them however they see fit.

Ghana is all we have, and we should secure Ghana and make Ghana glad. Much obliged to you for perusing, I couldn’t want anything more than to hear from you.



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