I was glad to take a violate from my Commercial Law task to peruse a piece of review under your hand as my partner and junior sibling named “DR. MAHAMUDU BAWUMIA EMBODIES OUR BEST SHOT IN 2024 (I)”.

My prompt facetious inquiry was what could be the potential purposes behind this striking feature. I chose to peruse as far as possible looking for your reasons. In fact, the composing abilities, without question, has the hints of your novel editorial DNA, however the heaviness of your case, as contended for your liked up-and-comer, just as the reasons alloted thereof, are only an impression of your famous articulation “Stupendous FAILURE”. Commonly, I would have made this pass, however I am slanted to be genuine with current realities and not to toss dust into the eyes of the understanding public.

His Excellency the Vice President of Ghana and a fourth time Vice Presidential Candidate of our gathering, the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has won my reverence and regard like numerous different individuals from the gathering. I thusly owe it an obligation to deliberately shape this discussion for motivations behind scholarly advantage without addressing his regarded picture and that of our gathering and government which we settle every day to project and secure. I’m firm in my brain that toward the finish of this solid discussion you will understand the holes and mistakes on your part, which whenever adjusted would sort the records out for the overall great of our gathering. I don’t expect to exhaust you with bounty words.

At the core of your contention is the thing that you term as: “The Bawumia Effect – Electoral Record – Personality” projecting our Vice-President’s commitment to NPP’s electing execution especially in the Northern area (as it at that point was). You likewise make a particular reference to Dr. Bawumia’s commitment to our gathering’s exhibition in the 2008 general races and for this you arrange him as our absolute best in 2024. I will initially examine the last mentioned in any case, before then let me put it on record that denying Dr. Bawumia’s commitment to NPP won’t fill any need. It is correspondingly false and self-serving to say that his commitment makes him our absolute best.

In my earnest view, our gathering’s presentation in the 2008 general decisions is one many wouldn’t have any desire to recall, as it was truly difficult. We had done everything as an administration (party) to win that political decision. Going into that 2008 political race, we had furnished Ghanaians with exceptional and enormous social intercessions, specifically an altogether less expensive Metro Mass Transport framework, Free Maternal Care, the main ever National Health Insurance plot, Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) for poor people and impoverished in the public arena, School Feeding program and a large group of different projects that straightforwardly profited individuals. Indeed, even with every one of these we were unable to make the half + 1. If we somehow managed to be glad for our 49% exhibition as you put it, the components answerable for that would have been the above friendly mediations. In the event that you neglect to ascribe it to the Kufuor-impact or the Aliu Mahama-impact or the Nana Addo-impact then you are a long way from doing earnest investigation by crediting it to just the “Bawumia-impact”.

For sure many gathering reliable would recall how the late previous Vice-president Aliu, basically set up a campsite in the then Northern locale during the electioneering time frame. He worked to the profound respect of all good natured party people. May his delicate soul keep on resting calmly.

Disregarding these mediations, the gathering lost the 2008 races. A political decision, you are on record, in 2014, to have portrayed as a “stupendous disappointment”. My inquiry to you is who was liable for that stupendous disappointment? Isn’t it a characteristic of irregularity on your part to portray something as a ‘amazing disappointment’ and go round to offer exactly the same thing to somebody as a prize for great execution? At the point when it is about Nana Akufo-Addo, it is a ‘great disappointment’ yet, when it is about Dr. Bawumia (your favored competitor), it is a ‘great achievement’, and this ought to be the justification his determination as the gathering’s banner conveyor for 2024, fascinating, right?

Once more, you intentionally chose for modify the historical backdrop of the New Patriotic Party’s electing progress in the Northern district (as it at that point was) by starting from the center. The undisputed electing records since 1992 give you out totally. In the 1992 general political decision, NPP accomplished the accompanying figures in the then 10 areas of Ghana, Western Region 22.8%, Gt. Accra 37%, Central 26%, Volta 3.6%, Ashanti 60.5%, Eastern 37.7%, NORTHERN REGION 16.3%, Upper East 10.5%, Upper West 8.9% and Brong Ahafo 29.5%. My point is basic. On the off chance that you need to be reasonable with the measurements, you would take note of that as a gathering, we have together continuously expanded our appointive fortunes in all locales of Ghana including the Northern district (as it at that point was. Singling out the Vice President as answerable for this presentation and proposing that this achievement started from 2008 when our Veep joined the gathering isn’t just an instance of scholarly untrustworthiness, it additionally sums to unreasonable disloyalty of the endeavors made by eminent gathering characters like Hon. Rolland Issifu Alhassan, H.E Aliu Mahama, Hon. Hawa Yakubu, (all of favored memory) and a large group of courageous people alive or in any case who battled through brutalities until power was won.

The insights as introduced by you is tricky and an overstated endeavor to project a slur on the difficult work of the respected bold people from the Northern area. From 16.3% in 1992 the gathering’s improving presentation launch to more than 36% in 2004. An incredible 120% addition from the 1992 presentation. This admirable multiplier impact is the thing that should be praised. 120% improvement! I doff my cap to H. E the late Vice President Aliu Mahama and for this fete.

Be that as it may, passing by your slanted insights, same can’t be said about the period of Dr. Bawumia as running mate/VP. From 2008 to 2020, the gathering has recorded a pitiful 21% improvement. In the Northern district (as it at that point was), the gathering recorded 38% in 2008 and 46% in 2020.

Your endeavored practice likewise has a natural component of ruinous ancestral legislative issues that can undermine our very endurance as an ideological group. The straightforward truth is that you are by implication welcoming other remarkable people in the remainder of the areas where we have gained comparable appointive headway to raise it as a premise to request banner conveyor transport position and you can’t fault them on the off chance that they react in like way. All things considered, if a man’s commitment from 2008 makes him our absolute best for 2024, at that point their equivalent commitment if worse from 1992 ought to qualify them as the most elite shots for 2024. Generously accept home this basic exhortation and kindly never lose it; that for NPP to win 2024 political race we need an applicant of public strength and acknowledgment rather than one of territorial or ancestral allure.

Now, I might want to focus the conversation on the “Bawumia-impact” and whether it has a dynamic intensity assuming any, by any means. Above all else, there is no experimental proof of the “Bawumia-impact”, nevertheless, it should be exposed to a basic trial of intelligence of old, “good cause starts at home”. To this degree, the “Bawumia-impact” should be convincingly obvious from his home supporters. After sequential 16 years of being offered the generous chance to the high office of running mate and afterward Vice President, the gathering’s exhibition where Dr. Bawumia follows his foundations has seen a decrease in its exhibition. His FACTOR appear to give a genuine significance to fundamental logarithmic factorization, which is decreasing a numerical articulation. Certainty is our presentation has reliably diminished in his home bodies electorate of Walewale and Nalerigu-Gambaga.

Indeed in Nalerigu-Gambaga electorate the gathering’s presentation preposterous has fundamentally decreased from 52% in 2016 to 47% in 2020. This terrible showing contributed tremendously to the gathering losing the Nalerigu-Gambaga seat to the NDC. Would we be able to ascribe this horrifying exhibition to Dr. Bawumia too? On the off chance that the “Bawumia-impact” neglected to keep up the Nalerigu-Gambaga body electorate for NPP, at that point the extrapolation that it won us the NPP parliamentary seats in the locale is horrendously incorrect.

In the Walewale municipality where our adored Vice – President votes, out of the 35 surveying stations the NPP won just 4 in the 2020 general decisions. Unmistakably, the “Bawumia-impact” bombed us obviously. No big surprise our exhibition shrank from 55% in 2016 to 53% in 2020. Would it be a good idea for him to endure the worst part for this too?

My sibling Obosu Mohammed, you have ably fled from our gathering’s presentation in the Upper West and Upper East locales for clear reasons be that as it may, I ask to attract you nearer to the appropriate and inescapable inquiry. Our gathering in the 2020 decisions didn’t perform respectably in Upper West and Upper East locales, question is if there is in reality the “Bawumia-impact” and any related intensity, for what reason did we fizzle in these two areas in the north? Is it true that we are wrong to request a sensation of the alleged “Bawumia-impact” supernatural occurrences in the entire of the northern pieces of Ghana? A target talk in such manner would serve us better than your affinity of single out.

As I referenced before, I accept at this point you are in NO DOUBT that your assumption that “DR. MAHAMUDU BAWUMIA EMBODIES OUR BEST SHOT IN 2024” exclusively on account of his exhibition in certain pieces of the Northern locale is profoundly rebuttable and the reasons given thereof are wretchedly indefensible.

Brother, this is simply to direct your next scene so you can make your message appropriately in selling your favored competitor. It could be gainful to us all of us, knows tomorrow?


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