As you read, about 57% of us Ghanaians are under 25 years old, yes. Furthermore, in the event that you remember those for the 30’s and 40’s the nation is absolutely and totally in the possession of youngsters. Shouldn’t youngsters be running this town?

Youngsters are not just the greatest political voice in the populace – in the event that they decide to be. Youngsters are likewise the significant wellspring of energy, HR and labor for the creation, proliferation and support of our general public and its organizations.

Youngsters are the ones with the worldwide outlooks equipped for gathering significance from huge information and The Internet – of – all – Things, hence, offering path to the opportunity of data that is needed for creating with straightforward and responsible administration.

However, the youngsters of Ghana have a particularly powerless aggregate voice. The couple of old timers have utilized the standard, worn out strategies in the old playbook to separation and rule over the majority of youngsters.

We’re separated along sectarian partisan loyalties, ethnic lines, strict lines, and so on These are nonexistent partitions. Our general public is comprised of the individuals who are rich and the individuals who are poor; Those who have occupations and the individuals who have no work; Those who are instructed and the individuals who are definitely not. Indeed. In any case, the greatest gap is between the individuals who are youthful without promising circumstances amidst plentiful regular, material and HR and the individuals who are old, in influence and appropriating all the abundance for themselves.

Youngsters are dismissed at each degree of dynamic in the nation – particularly on the off chance that they are not a godson or goddaughter of the political first class. To get a chance, youngsters regularly become acclaim artists rather than basic scholars.

This is a mystery. How might youngsters of Ghana have such a lot of force but so little force simultaneously?

Honestly, we don’t have an independent perspective. What’s more, that is the reason we don’t have the foggiest idea about the intensity of our group and bound together voice. We view basic speculation as too hard something important to take care of. We have re-appropriated our intuition to the 3.6% of the populace over 65 years old – the purported specialists within recent memory – those driving government, ideological groups, organizations, strict bodies – who are thinking for us – can, simultaneously, be against our prosperity. We should think alongside them, if not in front of them.

This is the most serious issue. We are carrying on as though we are in bygone eras when all the data was constrained by the focal point of force. At the point when data had no opportunity. At the point when a couple of individuals prepared all the data accessible and thusly did all the speculation for every other person.

As youngsters are more presented to data and are the more prominent section of the populace, we ought to be amidst key dynamic in policy management, in the common assistance and so forth

We have gone pass the time frame when there were a couple of books around and no Internet – of – All – Things. What’s more, when there was no huge information and there were a couple of schools in Ghana and one instructed individual in every town.

Today, most youthful people have a PDA. Why at that point do we keep on permitting the old timers to separation and rule us? For what reason do we consider the 7 youngsters executed on political decision night by youthful foolish police officers to be okay, even in the wake of survey video recordings of the unnecessary shooting on our cell phones? How might we be so dazed to our own aggregate burden?

Actually we are in an Information Age of speeding up change and autonomous idea. We don’t just have opportunity of data and of thought. We additionally have force of articulation. Yet, we have decided to eagerly give our deduction covers to so – considered specialists and quieted our basic voices for accommodation.

The AUTHORITIES – 3.6% of the populace – have astutely removed our ethical fortitude needed for autonomous reasoning and fearless activity. They do this by castrating us. By holding us down.

They have caused us to trust it is a cardinal sin to talk truth to control. For where? Possibly in their old books, yet not in our books!

The specialists have intensified, amplified and celebrated applause singing to high sky. Positive rebellion of power has become a capital SIN among youngsters of Ghana. Noble outrage has been covered, lethally.

Something else, how might we clarify why youthful and helpless cops complied with unlawful orders from the decision political experts on political race night December 7 2020 to shoot and slaughter 7 youngsters in a single supporters just so old rich people can look after influence? For what reason did the youthful cops will not make a difference their good judgment?

At the command of the specialists, youngsters don’t just neglect to stand together in protection from social bad form, youngsters legitimize and defend the shameful acts propagated by the alleged AUTHORITIES against our own advantages. Simply take a gander at all individuals legitimizing the murdering on political race night in Tachiman South supporters – they are clearly youngsters.

Ideological groups are the vehicles for advancement in the arrangement of administration we have picked as a country, yes. Also, don’t be hoodwinked by anyone who discloses to you that ”there is no distinction between the ideological groups”.

The individuals who say that are old timers who have wouldn’t matter their psyches to political belief system or youthful people who are too apathetic to even consider thinking fundamentally. As a youthful wo)man with admittance to data, it is your urban obligation to apply your brain to political belief system or reasoning. You should know the contrast between friendly popular government and property claiming liberal majority rules system. The two are not the equivalent in principle or by and by. NDC is unique in relation to NPP.

You should know the gathering that represents what you genuinely have confidence in and you should attempt to partake in the consultations about what is best for our country and our future. It is significant to get included. Be the wo)man in the field.

As a social liberal, I am sure about my psyche. I have faith in libertarian circulation of our public assets and social equity under law and order. I have faith in a straightforward and responsible government. I put stock in the right to speak freely of discourse and after discourse. I’m a women’s activist since I have confidence in the equivalent support of ladies altogether beneficial areas of our general public as they remain exclusively answerable for the multiplication and recovery of our general public. our most prominent human asset is a lady.

That is the reason I am NDC and not an individual from some other political custom. As activists of the National Democratic Congress, it is our obligation to accumulate the vital good fortitude to assist the gathering with essentially acknowledging social vote based system and advance popularity based responsibility in our country. It isn’t only an ethical commitment. it is additionally a verifiable obligation of our age to reestablish individuals capacity to the Ghanaian public.

Our present AUTHORITIES couldn’t care less about us. It doesn’t make any difference in the event that you have a place with their ideological group or their congregation. It doesn’t make any difference in the event that you work for them. Furthermore, it positively doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that you love a similar God with them. For they love the lord of GREED and of AVARICE!

We the youngsters of Ghana have remained survivors of these specialists even with the flood of data, the data excess surrounding us. This is halfway on the grounds that we have been overpowered by garbage and average quality. Similar specialists running our standard corporate and ‘presstitute’ media have tried to consistently ”sloppy the waters” with EQUALIZATION strategies to make it hard for us to separate among truth and falsehoods.

We should evade apathetic intuition, as an age. We should halt from re-appropriating our speculation to specialists and we should put forth further attempt to look for autonomous truth. We should consistently pose inquiries, regardless of whether it’s at chapel, at work, at home or at your gathering office. Request responsibility.

We should remove ideological group tones from reality. We can’t have NDC truth and NPP truth. There is just a single truth. Also, we should oppose post-truth legislative issues.

By proceeding to swallow ”hardliner facts”, youngsters will just prevail with regards to propagating the force and authority of the 3.6% of Ghanaians in AUTHORITY who are more than 65 years of age!

What a major disgrace to the Ghanaian youth! We have the force yet we’re feeble!

We the youngsters of Ghana today have gotten more terrible than the pre-autonomous youth who had no admittance to schools, books, and the web Of-All Things. Indeed, even they could think for themselves amidst the shortage of data. . They faced frontier shamefulness. They toppled expansionism. We then again, are venerating and looking after dictatorship. We will not request majority rule responsibility from our decision government.

Rather than being engaged by data, we have become zombies who are set up to deny, contend against realities and proof before our eyes. We even contend against presence of mind. We are not inspired by the goal truth.

As far as we might be concerned, the shade of truth is the shade of our political clan. Each and every other data/truth of an alternate tone, we think about lies. Be that as it may, I need to demand; we should oppose post-truth in our improvement legislative issues.

As youngsters, our consistent meek conduct and our absence of good mental fortitude and honorable irateness against our own advantages show unmistakably to the old timers that we are absolutely ill-equipped to change our own material conditions as a group of youthful Ghanaian individuals.

The best way to awaken the obtuse specialists is to exhibit moral boldness, be set up to talk truth to control, as a bound together group, and to request vote based responsibility to the youngsters of this country independent of political connection.

There has never been a period in our set of experiences that has given us the best chance for premium free reasoning and activity than this current period. However, on the off chance that we aren’t vital, we may wind up squa.


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