Independent candidate Alfred Asiedu Walker has professed he will donate his term salary paid to the president during an interview on United Television’s Adekye Nsroma show.
According the him, the salaries paid to the president will be used to care for orphans, needy and the vulnerable in the society. He added that, he is on the verge of making Ghana better with realistic solution that will help move Ghana beyond its horizon. With the slogan “sankofa”, he is determined to take the country back to the days it was autonomous in its developmental decisions and policies.
As part of reducing the money paid to ministers, Alfred Asiedu has stated he will moderate the number of ministers under his incumbency so more money can be channeled into projects that will benefit the people who voted him into power.
He indicated that Members of parliament under his tenure will be situated in government bungalows to ensure easy access and proper monitoring of developmental projects in their respective regions.
According to him, Ghana must focus on making laws that suit the culture of Ghana and Africa for effective growth.
Alfred Kwame Asiedu Walker is number 12 in this year’s general election. He is the only independent candidate on the ballot paper.



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