Most at times, we react in a manner which depicts our lives solely depending on a particular government.We forget that our lives are managed on our own but rather, a Government is elected into power to manage and run the affairs of the nation. A particular government does not belong to anyone and for that reason, PEACE is a necesary tool for this upcoming general elections in 2020. Peace is more of a sound mind which brings understanding and respect. Any one who is not imbibed with peace is a trouble maker.A trouble maker is an individual who always creates queous and misunderstanding wherever he or she finds himself or herself. Peace is one priceless virtue that cannot be underestimated. It is a core vital necessity for a nation, country , community and amongst individuals. Without it, we are likely to war against each other which automatically amounts to nothing. There is a saying which goes that “if you take a broom stick from a bunch of broom it is easily broken but to take a whole bunch of broom stick to break it into pieces is more difficult to break” . What does this mean? This means that unity is key , and unity can only be discovered when peace is present.


Fellow Ghanaians, it is high time we inculcate the spirit of peace.It is high time we understand that Ghana is an independent country. We are a nation which has come a long way and Osagyefo Dr.Kwame Nkrumah did not just gain independence for us. He was a man of peace and that is why he held Ghana to this stage it finds itself.Election 2020 is in our hands if we want peace to prevail. Go to the polls come December and vote who you deem right and fit to lead this nation. It is not a matter of fighting someone to get your party to win or come into power, but it is the sole aim of the Electoral Commission (EC) to determine based on your votes. Let peace prevail!! Let us have a better Ghana for you and for me!!


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