Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu,the National Chief Imam of Ghana has conferred the “owner of camel” title on the Chairman of the Afro Arab Group Companies Alhaji Salamu Amadu, after receiving a donation of Camel from the young business mogul.

Alhaji Salamu Amadu a serial entrepreneur who is also into farming and live stock keeping happens to be the only Camel farmer in Ghana.

He presented the Camel to the office of the chief Imam ahead of this year’s Eid-al-adha celebrations, which falls on Friday.

It is yet another monumental donation from
Alhaji Salamu, who has taken it upon himself to annually present Camel to the renowned Islamic scholar for the Eid celebration.

The National His Eminence Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu prayed for Alhaji Salamu and seek Blessings from the Almighty Allah.

“I’m Very Much Grateful for what you have been doing for me annually. It Is my prayers that the Almighty Allah help you and your business to grow globally”.

“Henceforth I will name you as Owner Of Camels”. Excited Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu added

Presenting the camel which is to be used for the sacrifice on Friday, the Chairman Salamu reiterated his commitment to support the Chief imam in many diverse ways.

“I have come here again to visit my Grandfather Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu and also to present Camel to him ahead of the Eid-al-adha celebrations”.

He hosted head porters ‘kayayei’ at the Afro-Arab Group office in kokomlemle and gave food,clothes etc.

Alhaji Salamu was accompanied by Alhaji Papa Angola together his able and affable team to visit the the national chief Imam His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu at his fadama residence on the 29th of July,2020.


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