Let us be realistic here!! .More often than not, you feel you should not have your nose mask or sanitize your hands because you think you are just buying something or attending to something just in and around your neighborhood. This is because we feel this pandemic is limited to certain situations. Most people even think this pandemic or virus does not have anything to do with close relations and friends. We have got this wrong. The virus does not move, but we individuals move with the virus. What does this mean? This basically means that human beings carry this virus around, and once an individual has contracted it and you come into close relations or contact with, you are highly disadvantaged to also contract Covid -19.
Protocols of this virus has not been propagated or instructed because of no reason. Why do you think a hand sanitizer has been advised to be used by experts? You might probably have touched an infected person by accident or even touched a surface which has had contact with an infected person. The alcohol contained in the sanitizer when used kills germs or bacteria that can cause one to be infected with this virus
Recently, face shields were introduced alongside the nose mask we have been using since the inception of this pandemic. According to experts and research, certain parts of the human body is adversely prone to the transmission of the virus if exposed. The mouth, eyes, and nose are likely parts of the human body to contract the virus when it is exposed in the open with physical contact with infected persons. Did you know the environment we are living in contains airborne diseases and Covid- 19 is not an inception? This is why protocols should not be taken lightly at all.
How would you feel if neighbors or people in your community get to hear of the sound of an ambulance right in front of your door? There is a saying that “rumours travel faster like the wind” . Your name and identity will travel as far as to people you do not know simply because you simply limited the spread of the virus to a group of people or personalities in different situations. There are specifically two things associated with the contraction of this virus known as Covid- 19. It is simply death or stigmatization. You might not survive or have your precious life back if you should be infected with the virus. You might also survive through thorough care by doctors to save your life, but remember the dangers of stigmatization. Stigmatization can even go the extra length of making you take your life or commit suicide just because you are being avoided by people who think you might still infect them at the expense of your recovery.
Fellow cherished reader, it is better to be saved than to be sorry. The world itself is going through a hard time already. Our nation has experienced an unfortunate presence of Covid- 19. We are all in an earnest wait and hopeful mood to the news of this pandemic finally living us completely. But until then, your life is very precious to yourself, your family and the nation at large. Keep safe. Adhere to all protocols. Your nose mask, face shield, hand sanitizer and not forgetting social distancing should always be in mind.
Covid-19 protocols only becomes an option if we limit our knowledge to specific individuals we come into contact with instead of bearing in mind it can be contracted by any other person, being a no respecter of persons. Finally it becomes a must if we are careful of our everyday engagements not being ignorant of the limit of the virus.


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