The COVID-19 pandemic continues to force Brands to stop Advertising and reaching their audience/ Publics, signaling an unprecedented disruption of companies and productivity.  To create a good impression and to get to your publics/ audience, video is your best bet for making an impression during this crisis.

Why do I say this? With audiences looking for information and a respite from overstimulation, video is a crucial tool for getting your message in front of key audiences.

This is because; a video is an incredibly effective storytelling mechanism to engage people. But the beauty of digital media is telling your story in a variety of formats across a variety of channels. Pairing a video spot with a banner ad, following up a social engagement with an email.

 Note that your ability to create a series of escalating interactions with your customers is still paramount to successful communications. Of course we are limited by the type of video we can create, but now more than ever, we need to get creative about how we produce great videos.

One key thing brands should know is that many people are bored with reading long thesis, they wish for something that is fun, something that will stick in their minds and cause them to watch over and over again. You could do a fun video and post or add your ad to the side bar or in between the videos something that will make your brand noticeable.

Right here in my backward, Ghana’s advertising industry says they have lost about GHs100m since the outbreak.

A survey by Copenhagen-based Influencer Marketing Hub, says Brands worldwide expect that they will decrease Ad Spend in 2020. It will surprise you to know that nearly three quarters of the firms they surveyed have slowed down their social media posting maybe due to the fact of having no content or less content.

Don’t have access to professional cameras and expensive equipment? Shoot on your phone and produce more Instagram stories. Can’t cast actors or don’t have access to sets? Negotiate your licensing on previous spots and deconstruct them to tell new stories. You’ve put a lot of care into crafting your brand and stockpiling assets, now’s the time to dust off everything and make the best in this crisis.

For this kind of videos, make sure to talk about the people and talk to the people. Never talk too much about yourself. Focus on people. Make them feel important; make them know they are not alone but your brand is with them.

It may be true that companies won’t bounce back till the next three days but companies can also be with their publics throughout this crisis and this can be done through videos.

But before I let you go, remember to make the videos crisp. #Timenodey

This is a series of PR and brands communication from Michael Elorm Zah a Public Relations student, Brands and Communication Student. with a lot of insight from PR Daily

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