A WOMAN’S plan to make her husband jealous by hiring another man to send her love messages has backfired and landed her in court.

This was heard in the Livingstone Local Court when Lioyd Lyanukwabalula sued his wife, Risford Miyoba for adultery.

In a report filed by Zambianobserver, Mr. Lioyd told the court that his wife has saved Miyoba who he believes is the secret lover of his wife number in her phone as ‘Babe’. On that note, he wants the court to charge her for having a secret affair with another man outside her marriage

But Muchindu(wife) told the court that the text messages in her phone are not from her lover. She further revealed that her husband gave her the nod to have an affair with another man if she wants to.

“I have been complaining to my husband that he has an affair with another woman and he said I can also go ahead and have a relationship with another man if I wanted. So I hired this friend.” She told the court.

According to reports, the court has adjourned the case for further hearing.


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