One thing about men is that unlike women, they easily patch things up with their friends and move on in times of missunderstanding or when there is a minor conflict of interest between them. But this appears not to be the case when it comes to both our movie and music industries.

In the music industry, we’ve seen best music groups reducing to nothing due to simple missunderstanding among the group members.

Additionaly, we’ve seen musicians, actors/actresses who were formarly best of freinds but have now become foes. The cause of this problem is basically eviness, selfishness as well as the ‘pull him down’ (PHD) spirit possessing some industry players. Unfortunaly this behaviour is fast killing our Showbiz industry.

Many of us are very much aware that Sarkodie and Shatta Wale had enviable friendship until Shatta disrespected Sarkodie in one of his numerous interviews. Sarkodie who also felt he’s had enough of Shatta Wale retaliated with a diss song and that ended thier friendship.

It’s been almost two years now since they ‘splited’. Their fans are still hoping for their come back but it seems that would only happen in their next reincarnation.

Well, a staunch admirer of Shatta & Sark who is on tweeter as Nungua Eminem is urging them to smoke peace-pipe once they still have their lives.

On his twitter page he shared an old video of Sarkodie and Shatta Wale performing together and wrote;

“Dear ShattaWale and Sarkodie, as you know in this world people die anytime. Please make peace and enjoy your freindship once you get life.” He wrote.

In the same tweet, he asked what thier reaction would be as beefing parents if thier kids grow to fall in love someday.

“Sark you have a daughter, Shatta you have a son, what if they grow and fall in love, as beefing parents what will you do?” He quizzed.

His post attracted lot of likes and retweets and that explains how much thier fans are waiting to see them together

Below is the tweet and the video



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