KANTANKA SAFO-KWASI is an author and motivational speaker who has inspired people on different platforms about what they are really capable of.

He has interacted with different kinds of people and helped in inspiring them towards their dreams.

Being named after the technological genius Emeritus Professor Apostle Dr. Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo, directives from him has kept the author very focused.

He has served for years as the coordinator of two youth organizations and the CEO of Kantanka-Prints.

He desires to write more books to inspire people to achieve the best for themselves, the society and the entire world.

The dynamic gifted writer and motivational speaker, Kantanka Safo-Kwasi, has released another great life changing book.

His motivational handbook, “Cross your t and dot your i ” is already making impact and touching the lives of both the young and the old of all races. It is the choice of many.

His glory in that book did not make him contempt with the feat he reached but has rather motivated him to give the world another life touching book.

This time, he has it geared towards the God given treasure to mankind.

The title of this new book is “the Treasure in you”.
The book delves into how mankind can bring out his innate ability to change his world.

Most people look down on themselves because of the environment they were born into.

You could have people even cursing the day they were born or the family they were born into.

But no matter the circumstances in which one may find him or herself in life, God has given us all a treasure in us we must put to use for a better life.

As the saying goes “there’s always light at the end of the tunnel”.

The book is endorsed by great persons of high repute in society.

This book “the Treasure in you” is just what you need to help you chase your dreams in the right direction.

Easy to get a copy. Plsase Contact: 0240965594/050603225

  1. Facebook: Kantanka Safo- Kwasi
    Email. nanasafo13@gmail.com.
    The time is now.

You can reach the writer on these contacts for bulk purchase of the book and any questions with regards to this beautiful piece.

Source: George Nii Armah Teiko


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