When the world’s number one enemy, Coronavirus started in Wuhan in China’s central Hubei province late last year, many countries sympathised and expressed their solidarity. Surprisingly, the virus gradually spread from one Country to another.

The Director General of World Health Organisation, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus officially declared the Corona virus as pandemic due to how it spreads so fast to all vicinities. This deadly virus has killed millions of people and infected a lot globally.

It is so pathetic that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought the whole world into a stand still. Thousands of companies are been shut down, leaving millions of people unemployed. WHO and world leaders are doing their best to find a lasting antidote to this pandemic that is why world leaders have invested 7.2 billion dollars to make research in finding a vaccine. Religious and Traditional authorities are also praying hard to the Almighty God to heal the world from this carcinogenic Coronavirus pandemic. Many Countries are in total lockdown while others are in partial Lockdown.

Inasmuch as scientists all over the world are trying their best to get a vaccine to cure the Covid 19, there are ten (10) key measures which can help people to prevent themselves from this stubborn virus.

1. COUGH OR SNEEZE INTO YOUR ELBOW: Many people breach cough etiquette in public places. In other to be free from this virus, it is very important for you to observe and obey the courtesy in coughing and sneezing.

2. DRINK MORE OF SOBOLO: A drink made out of Roselle (plant) or Hibiscus leaves. Ghanaians call It Sobolo. It is being prepared with other ingredients like ginger, sugar, as well as other spices depending on the taste and preference of the individual. Some herbal doctors have postulated that, drinking sobolo is one of the ways of combating the Coronavirus.

3. WEAR FACE MASK: The wearing of face mask cannot be swept under the carpet at this critical moment of Covid 19 era. Many Countries have made it mandatory for their citizens to put on face masks when going to public places as a preventive measure. Citizens who fail to wear the mask are charged with a fine. I urge you not to forget to put on your mask when going out.

4. REGULAR HAND WASHING UNDER RUNNING WATER: One of the best precautionary measures is to wash your hands under running water with medicated soap. At every moment and given time, it is very advisable to wash your hands.

5. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE WITH UNCLEAN HANDS: It is very dangerous to touch your face after coming into contact with many objects. Make sure your hand is clean and don’t touch the face with unclean hands because the novel virus is real.

6. WEAR HAND GLOVES: It is good to wear gloves when visiting any office. People visit Government institutions without wearing any hand gloves, meanwhile, dozens of people uses the same door to a particular office. Wear a gloves and be free from the pandemic.

7. OBSERVE PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Staying more than one metre away between others will also go a long way to reduce the spread of this pandemic. Getting too close to other people must be avoided to ensure physical distancing.

8. STAY AT HOME IF YOU CAN: Health professionals have attested to the fact that, the Coronavirus does not have wings to move or fly but human beings make it move therefore, it is very imperative to stay home if you don’t have something of much importance to do out there.

9. DRINK MORE WATER AND EAT GOOD FOOD:A stronger immune system is now the only way to help Coronavirus patients to recover. Once there is no accepted vaccine. I humbly appeal to all and sundry to eat more of their local food base on their origin and to drink more water at this time of fighting against Covid 19. When the immune system is strong, the virus cannot triumph over you.

10. SANITISE YOUR MOBILE PHONE: People can easily be infected by the Coronavirus through their own electronic gadgets. Do not put your mobile phone at any place however, you have to use sanitiser to clean your mobile phone from time to time.

Conclusively, every tom, dick and harry has to obey all the above protocols so that the world can win the battle against the Coronavirus Pandemic globally. Moreover, the stigmatisation of Covid 19 patients must not be entertain at all.

Every individual under the sun is a potential patient of this pandemic. According to the World Health Organisation, 3,721,779+ cases has been recorded worldwide and 259,795+ deaths are recorded. Let’s unite as a world and we shall surely overcome the deadly Coronavirus Pandemic.

Columnist: Francis Agyapong Nimpong,Chief Executive Officer Of Cash Media, Ahafo Goaso


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