Fast rising internet sensation and comedian AY Poyoo has wondered why Ghanaians love him so much.

“Sometimes when I look at myself on the screen I ask myself is this really me? What about me is so special that people are so excited about?” he reiterated.

Speaking in a interview on Ghanaweb, AY Poyoo recounted how his mother wanted him to be a doctor. He disclosed that although his mother expected him to go into medicine, he chose the path of music and comedy because it was his passion.

“When I started, my mother wanted me to be a doctor. She wasn’t interested in what I was doing. She wasn’t in agreement that I chose to fool instead of being a doctor”. AY Poyoo stated.

The “new face of GH rap” however added that his mother is still proud of him regardless.

“My mother is very proud, she is very happy about my craft”.


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