A heavy rainfall has been reported at Dzodze-Penyi 3 days after two spiritualist were accused and arrested for  hijacking rains in the area.

Local media reports that the Community and its environs witnessed heavy rains which lasted for more than an hour amidst lighting and thunderstorms.

Though not authenticated, many residents believe that but for the arrest of the two spiritualists, the Community in the Ketu Municipality would not have seen even a drop of rain.

You will recall that there were media reports of arrest of the two spiritualist who were suspected of hijacking rainfall in the municipality for a long while.

The say though the clouds form, it does not result in rains.

This phenomenon forced Traditional leaders and residents within the municipality to stage a protest after the two were revealed through consultation by the Chief Priest.

The two were humiliated and beaten until Police came to their arrest for safety.

Police sources say they have been released due to the fact that matters of spiritual nature are not carted for in Ghanaian law.


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