The name Bahass is household name across the northern belt of Ghana thanks to the socio-economic activities of one Mr. Elyas Yussif Baba. The multifaceted personality will be long remembered for his contribution to average upper westner. From his football contribution all the way to his recent establishment of the Bahass Foundation for the mentally retarded in the society, Elyas Yussif Baba takes centre stage on for the week.

Born in the Dondoli Fahmuni to the late Yussif Baba some 42 years ago, Mr. Elyas Yussif Baba started his formal education at the Kabanye Islamic Junior Secondary School before heading to Lawra Senior High School. The Dondoli-born ambitious youngster saw his dream education truncated at the Secondary level despite his early brilliance in the classroom. It was the beginning of a new era away from the pen as then Elyas Yussif Baba stormed the community as a communal asset.

Coming from the background of a typical cosmopolitan community, Mr. Yussif naturally replaced his late father in the Dondoli Fahmuni setup. In the early 2000s, the former Rainbow Babies, Yellow Masters and Wa All Stars FC administrator, set up what will be known as Bahass Foundation. Starting as a community project targeted at rehabilitating the mentally health in the community, Elyas Yussif currently has the largest mentally retarded facility in the northern belt of Ghana.

About Bahass Foundation
Bahass Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation based in the Upper West Region specifically targeted at rehabilitating and integrating the mentally retarded in the society. The Upper West based interventional project officially came to the forefront in 2010 and has since succeeded in rehabilitating countless members in the northern belt of Ghana. From weekly medical checkup to accommodation, feeding to counseling, mass education to financial liberation, Bahass Foundation has certainly paid its dues across the Upper West Region.

The Foundation currently has its head office along the Wa Airstrip load in Duori community.
Like most philanthropic personalities in Ghana, Elyas Yussif Bahass, started with his limited resources with minimal support from the corporate world.

Speaking to, Mr. Bahass remains optimistic corporate Ghana will certainly join his cause at a point in time.

“It started as a personal responsibility to the community. I feel I owe it on the mentally retarded especially learning my father was treating them as well.

“By 2010 it was established as a firm and the youth played a key role in the weekly bathing, feeding and rehabilitating these mentally retarded members of the community. I feel it is part of my daily life and I call on the corporate world to extend a helping hand especially with the accommodation”, Mr. Elyas Yussif Baba told

A follow up by Home Radio’s Saani Abacha revealed that the foundation lacks basic amenities to facilitate their activities from transport to toiletries, clothing, medication and most importantly, accommodation.


By: Saani Abacha
Home Radio 99.7 FM 


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