Covid 19: Caused because of supremacy in trade between America and China?

US-China trade war must end or else there will be more to come than just this Virus.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, the Chief of Oblieman Dodoo and acting Paramount Chief of Abola Piam We of the Ga State, Nii Oyanka I, stressed that
“US-China trade war could be the real cause of the Covid 19 pandemic.

King Oyanka reteirated that every day we live, our compromised healthcare systems and the egos of our leaders are going to sink us further.

We have no capacity to produce ANYTHING that will help us.
We don’t even have the research labs to provide us with research against the virus.

African Leaders cannot speak or talk because they are afraid of becoming a victim of borrowing too much from these two Nations.

“As is said when two elephants fight it is the ground that suffers”.

MONEY AND TRADE and also the need to show who is more powerful than the other has caused all this things to happen and innocent people are suffering especially Africans.

This is because our leaders rely on these two countries for development and financing assistance.

While China is accusing America for this virus, US is also accusing China of generating the Corona Virus from their LAB.
The blame game continues.

They are fighting for who controls the world and God is saying NO.
China and America must rest this Trade war so that smaller nations can grow.

I am hereby calling on all African traditional Leaders, Kings and Queens, Paramount and Sub Chiefs and Non Governmental Organizations to unite and and take heads way to make sure our leaders do what is right for the citizen’s benefit.

King Oyanka in expressing how furious he is postulated that we vote for these Political parties into power and they become the Government and leaders but they come and then take decisions on their own and for their own selfish interest.

Illicit financial losses from corruption and embezzlement alone amount to some $50 billion annually.
Guess where it goes to?

The WEST! When you are flying abroad, who usually sit in business class and sleep and dines and wind in the finest hotels in Europe and America?

Is it the African immigrant hustler or the politician and his cronies?

We have already systematically weakened our systems. We have very little industrial capacity, we have sold whatever is remaining in Africa to Chinese and Americans and these two are fighting how would we survive”?

Nii Oyanka has also called on the President to enforce a new lockdown as communities are not adhering to the social distance directives before matters get worse for Ghana.

Let all and sundry rise up and challenge ourselves to continually pay heed to the safety measures to keep us safe from this Corona virus.


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