The Chairman of the Ghana FA Beach Soccer Committee has debunked reports that beach soccer clubs have been promised a financial package from the GFA.

This follows the earlier disclosure by GFA President Kurt Okraku that FIFA will give every member association financial support dubbed “Emergency Fund” in the coming days.

Further, according to Mr Okraku, the moment the funds arrive, football clubs in Ghana will receive what they deserve.

“There is a FIFA emergency fund that will be released to us and when it comes we will share it to our member clubs because they are suffering”- the FA President stated.

When contacted on Wednesday morning, Ampofo Ankrah said that he was happy to hear the news.

However, he was quick to state that there has been no communication from the GFA regarding any support for beach beach soccer clubs in Ghana.

“Ofcourse it would be great news if beach soccer clubs too were considered but as i sit here, nothing of the sort has been proposed, discussed or promised by the GFA. The package is for football clubs so please let’s get the facts right until the FA says otherwise”.

There are currently 26 recognized beach soccer clubs scattered along the the coastal belt of Ghana.

Each club has written to the FA seeking official re-registration into the electronic Ghana football data system as stipulated by FIFA to all member associations.

Meanwhile the Clubs Licensing Officer/ IT Manager at the GFA has given beach soccer clubs an update on the current state of affairs due to the Coronavirus restrictions and the possibilities available for resuming any administrative work relating to the electronic registration of beach soccer clubs.


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