Proph T Wooding Industry is sited in the Ahafo Region. Pricisely, Dechem, which is closer to the Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council and a police barrier (RCC).

This Industry is into mass production of all kinds of Wooding works like office furniture, school tables, Kitchen cabinet, Veronica buckets stands etc.

Proph T Wooding Industry saw the difficulties that the Ahafo Regional Ambulance Service has been passing through in the course of exercising their duties.

They presented office tables, chairs, banker bed and other important materials to the Ahafo Regional Ambulance Service in other to facilitate their work in the Region.

The Ahafo Regional Administrator of Ghana Ambulance Service, Mr Prince Amoako received the items and expressed much appreciation to Proph T Wooding Industry for such a great donation. He commended them to keep on with their philanthropic work in the societies.

Mr Prince extended his appreciation to the Paramount Chief of Goaso Traditional Council, Nana Kwasi Bosompra for his advice and directions. He used the opportunity and appealed to the general public who can support them in one way or the other not to hasten to come to them because, their doors are always opened to all and sundry.

The deputy Ahafo Regional Ambulance officer, Mr Zudana Azudaa also stated emphatically that, the donation made by Proph T Wooding Industry will help them in their fight against the carcinogenic pandemic Corona virus in the Region. He therefore, cautioned the public to desist from their amusement attitude of playing with their emergency line, 112.

They can only call the line when there is an emergency situation. The leader of Proph T Wooding Industry assured the public of their readiness to help all institutions in the Ahafo Region.

Source: Francis Agyapong Nimpong known as Political Pastor Cashier.


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