Covid 19 Donations: The spread of the Corona Virus is real and brought about Lockdown in many countries, Ghana is not an exception.

Good people in society who have the means to support one way or the other are rendering help in many forms to others who are in need in these times.

President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo was one of many who has shown the spirit of giving to support the needy in society.

The General Secretary of film Directors Guild Ghana, Bonsu Serwaa Gifty who is a Co-founder of IPM Foundations donated to some members of the Film Director’s Guild Ghana both in Accra and Kumasi due to the Covid 19 and the Lockdown situation.

This pandemic has affected all the members of the film guild and the country at large.

Bonsu Serwaa Gifty donated to those who have been affected by the Covid 19 throughout this Lockdown period.

She was able to carryout this kind gesture with the assistance of Global Nurse Ever relieve fund. They sponsored this benevolent act.

May God replenish and bless everyone who has used their resources to help people in these Corona Virus moment.

Currently, the number of affected persons in Ghana is 1154 as at April 23rd,2020.

The total of affected people in the world is 2,475,723 with 169,151 deaths according to the WHO Dashboard as at April 23rd,2020, 00:00 GMT

Source: George Nii Armah Teiko


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