The Programs and Projects Coordinator of Ghana Union of Professional Students, Mr Otuo Acheampong Rabbi has called on NCCE to be effective.

Mr Otuo Acheampong says the National Commission for Civic Education which is responsible for the education of Ghanaians on civic matters has lost track of their mandate.

“There has been issues which required immense education such as referendum on whether to vote for MMDCEs and politicisation of the District level elections, issues about new voters register and others that needed further education to better the understanding of Ghanaian citizens”, he added.

Again, he said political parties with their own interests leverage on the unproductive attitude of the commission to talk on issues which sometimes are very deceiving.

There is going to be new Voters registration exercise Nationwide starting 18th April 2020, but how many Ghanaians are privy to this information, he asked.

Although Corona virus is taking the waves by virtue of social media but what about the people without access to the internet, Mr Otuo Acheampong noted.

The NCCE must start tackling their duties, he urges.


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