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The President of the Ghanaian Ministers Association of Georgia(GMAG), Dr. Samuel Mainoo has attributed Ghana’s failure to experience significant economic development after 63 years of Independence to mismanagement as a result of poor leadership.

Speaking in an interview on the sidelines at a ceremony to mark the 63rd Independence day celebration of Ghana in Georgia, USA, he said although Ghana’s economic growth over the years are worth celebrating, it has achieved very little considering the numerous resources the country is endowed with.

“Ghana has come far in economic development and prosperity but there are more to be done because we have more resources, but these resources have been mismanaged because of poor leadership. As at today we still have issues for instance on the Accra Kumasi road”.

According to him, one of the key problems that has also retarded economic growth in Ghana even after several years of Independence is lawlessness.

Dr. Mainoo further stated that these problems confronting the nation could be addressed if people are sanctioned for wrongful acts irrespective of their socio- economic conditions in society.

“We have laws but they are not been applied, it is like some people are above the laws while others are beneath it, the rich commits an offence and go scot free while the poor have nobody to defend them, the laws are even mismanaged”. he observed.

Dr. Mainoo also admonished the clergy to desist from over emphasising on wealth and material possession to the detriment of the message of the kingdom and its righteousness, stressing that one of the solutions that could be used to change the mindset of people towards prosperity is a ‘shift in the focus of the church to seek ye first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you” as enjoined by the scriptures to christians rather than seeking for miracles.

Touching on the Dec. elections in Ghana, he appealed to the EC, political parties, Parliamentary candidates among others to eschew all forms of practices that has the tendency to disrupt the oasis of stability in the country.

He added “we need to pray for our leaders, they need to be decent in everything they do and not mess up.They need to think about the future of the nation”.

Dr. Mainoo hinted of plans by the Assocvviation to renovate and put up a school for a deprived community in Ghana as part of their contribution to the socio-economc growth of the country.

Other speakers at the ceremony included Rev. John Lanchana and Bishop George Creppy.

About GMAG

Ghanaian Ministers Association of Georgia (GMAG), is a body of all willing indigenous Ghanaian Ministers, ministers with Ghanaian congregations, and/or with interest in the Ghana community at home or in the Diaspora, who are recognized as qualified Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Under this bond of unity and love, and motivated by the scriptures, GMAG was formed about 10 years ago.

The vision of the Association is to among other things foster unity and cooperation among the GMAG members and the Ghanaian community, to improve relationships among the ministers of the Gospel and churches.

Others includes claiming Georgia for Christ and to also contribute to the socio-economic growth of Georgia community and Ghana.

The 63rd Independence anniversary was on the theme “Righteosness exalts a nation”.

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