Multiple award-winning Ghanaian songstress, Sherifatu Gunu, has said that poverty is not what is killing Africans but hypocrisy.

According to Sherifa Gunu in a recent interview with Kwame Afrifa on Happy FM’s political show, the problem with politicians and Africans is not Poverty but hypocrisy.

‘’Everything we do is filled with hypocrisy and everything about Africa is susupon. The message I am sending across is about susupons. If we don’t stand up seriously, the world will end one day and we will leave this earth as failures’’, she stated.

Sherifa added that African leaders have the mindset and habit of not allowing others get to the top and that is what is pulling Africa down.

Sherifa in her final submission advised the leaders in the country to stop being selfish and start helping the people they promised to serve.

Meanwhile Sherifa Gunu is currently promoting her new single titles ‘Susupon’ and promises to tour the whole of Africa to put out her message.


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