As we are all aware, February 14th is the day most people show love toward others. However, the purpose of Val’s day is a bit different in our part of the world.

Here in Ghana, Val’s day is the time that most men provide all kinds of gifts, ranging from chocolate, flowers, mobile phones, cars, houses and other valuable items for their girlfriends and wives.

On the other hand, most of the women who don’t have any material gifts to give to their boyfriends, husbands or sugar daddies offer them their bodies in return.

Notwithstanding the ultimate purpose of Val’s day as the day to show love, people get disappointed due to the fact that some people have multiple partners.

According to a story sighted by Bra Eddie of on social media, one young guy had a shock of his life when he discovered he is just a side guy to his long term girlfriend.

In attempt to surprise his girlfriend yesterday, he went to her workplace with multiple gifts and flowers only to be told she wasn’t at work.

He then called her on phone to confirm that but the lady insisted she was at work.

Sensing that she was possibly having a nice time with another guy somewhere, he left heartbroken and stressed.


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