A social media user has responded to former president Mahama’s question on where the newly procured ambulances would be taking sick persons for treatment after they’ve been rescued from accident scenes.

Subsequent to the commissioning of 307 ambulances by Nana Addo’s government, John Mahama in a Facebook live interaction wondered where government expected sick persons to be taken for treatment when health facilities started during his tenure, have not been completed.

“All the hospitals that were being built to improve access to health care, you have brought them to a standstill and instead you are glorifying and distributing ambulances.

“Where do ambulances take sick people, they take them to hospitals and so your priority should be to finish the hospitals so that if an accident happens and they pick the patient, you have a good facility to send them to,” he added.

Jonh Mahama’s comment however didn’t digest well with section of Ghanaians and some of them have registered their displeasure.

Responding to the former president, one Facebook user identified as Carim cka said the ambulance will take patients to the hospitals John Mahama has built in the green book he launched in 2016 prior to the elections.

Remember the NDC in 2016 launched a green book which was containing all the developmental projects, including health facilities they had completed in their 8-year administration, well it turned out that most of them never existed. If they did, why is John Mahama now questioning where the ambulances will take the sick?

According some Facebook users, it is pure hypocrisy on the part of JM and the NDC to suggest that government should have completed all the health centers under construction before procuring the ambulances, when they were the same people who were on the nerves of government to distribute the ambulances to save innocent souls from dying through accidents. As though that was not happening until government procured the 307 ambulances.

Again, Mahama said his government also procured ambulances in 2014/15, where did those ambulances take the sick?

Read some of the comments made under his post by other Facebook users who strongly disagree with his ‘presidential’ opinion on the newly procured ambulances.


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