The Parliamentay Candidate for the oppossion National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Secondi Constituency Nana Kofi Essoun has been accused of attempting to kill a young man by me Kwasi Arthur.

Residents of Adiembra in Secondi – Takoradi metropolis were left astonished last year May, 2019 when the then chief fisherman Nana Kofi who is also known as Panya, tied and dragged Kwasi Arthur who he accused of stealing from the back of his tundra car through the Adiembra community.

Panya, now the Parliamentay candidate for NDC for more than 30 minutes made sure the suspected thief has been dragged back and forth in the community.

Some residents in the Adiembra community’s asked how he could contest on the ticket of NDC when he has been charged with murder.

Others also asked if really went through the vetting process, and what were some of the disciplinary measures put in place.


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