Queen Akua Amoakowaa, 2011 Ghana Most Beautiful winner, who is currently the fourth wife of business magnate Dr. Kwaku Otenng has disclosed the motivation behind her decision to marry someone who is miles older than she is.

She went on to add that men tend to chase these Beauty Queens like flies after the contest was over.

“If you’ve had the opportunity to become a beauty queen, you will understand what I’m about to say. Men chase your like flies,” she told Stacey Amoateng in an interview.

Akua added that she really gave Dr. Kwaku Oteng a tough time but eventually accepted to be his wife because he has a humble soul and is down to earth.

“So, I had that opportunity to choose any man that I wanted including people who were bigger and richer than my husband. But I always say this; my husband got me with his humble nature – he is one humble soul. I’ve never met a man like him who is so humble and down to earth.”

“I knew who he was before we dated but I was not out there so all I knew was Dr. Kwaku Oteng…he chased me for a long time. He will confirm when you meet him.”


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