Somewhere in the Bible two great cities, Sodom & Gomorrah were burnt to ashes following God’s wrath after the cities became akin to gayism and lesbianism.

Even though same sex is often seen as the greatest evil act among various religious groups, it has been legalized in some part of the world but not in West Africa where oodles of sophisticated cultural values exist.

Here in Ghana for example, homosexuals have no freedom at all. There’ve been instances people had been caught and disgraced publicly by residents for engaging in man-to-man sex or female-to-female sex. This makes it extremely difficult for homesuals to open up on their sexual preferences as seen in some parts of Europe.

The truth is, even though the constitution guarantees everyone the freedom to make their own choices, it is very abnormal for a man to have sexual desires towards his fellow man or a woman to be sexually attracted to her fellow woman.

In addition to the health problems homosexuals incur upon themselves, spiritualists believe homosexuality also has larger spiritual consequences on societies where it is accepted and that explains why our society doesn’t tolerate it.

Adding her voice to the lot, a slay queen who gave her name as Jailer during an interview with Bra Eddie of described men who engage in gayism as people with no brains.

According her it is only a stupid man who would choose the robust body of a man over the tantalizing body of a woman.

“Admittedly, i have a nice shape and you know lot of Ghanaian ladies do have nice bodies. So tell me, why will a man choose his fellow man’s body over this beautiful body of mine or that of all the sexy girls they see around? Unless that man is equally stupid and idiot”. She disclosed.

Shaking the tables further, Jailer who is clearly a homophobe asked why parliamentarians are failing to make laws that will restricts people from becoming homosexuals.

“Anytime issues of homosexuality pops up, all our our MPs speak against it. Why are they failing to criminalized it?” She quizzed in awe.


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