For some of as who have followed Ghana music for about two decades now know Sarkodie remains a topnotch when it comes to hiplife and rap music.

As a rapper, he single handedly changed the face of Ghana music about ten years ago and has set other records in the music industry which loyal music lovers strongly believe to be highly unbreakable.

Notwithstanding his success story, there are others who simply don’t like his music nor his personality.

These bunch of haters have made several allegation against Sarkodie just to tarnish his hard earned reputation but he keeps winning whilst his perpetrators continue to bleed profusely.

As a staunch admirer of the great Sarkodie, renowned sports journalist Michael Oti Agyei has cautioned critics of the incoming ‘artiste of the year’ to desist from their behavior.

He believes that Sarkodie is a phenomenal artiste hence his name shouldn’t be mentioned in vain.

out his tweet below:


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