At a time when irresponsible teachers including school heads have turned their innocent students into sex machines, some students, of course, the bad ones are also making life very uncomfortable for some teachers in and outside the classroom.

As somebody who stays close to a teachers’ bangalow, I have seen students who deliberately wear skimpy dresses to visit their teachers during weekends and holidays for reasons best known to them.

I remember I once asked one student why she was wearing a seductive dress to her teacher who doubles as her godfather’s house to study and she told me all her dresses are like that and she wears them with no bad intentions.

Well, let’s put my personal experience aside and focus on the real story.

Sharing his story with Bra Eddie of, the 21 year old mathematics teacher (name withheld) who teaches at one of these popular girls senior high schools (school’s name withheld for obvious reasons) gave a detailed account on how some of his students have indirectly been requesting him to have sex with them.

According to the teacher who is also a professional photographer, some of the female students who are of age always sit half naked in class anytime he’s teaching and sometimes come to his photo studio to take semi nude photos.

He added that all his efforts to stop the students from their behavior yielded no positive results and is now soliciting for ideas on how to address this serious issue.

Read his story below.

I am a male teacher aged 21 years at one of the boarding girls senoir high schools. I was deployed to the school somewhere last year as a mathematics teacher. The trouble I have is that my students like sitting half naked in class when I am teaching. I have been advising them to stop doing that but they’ve failed to change.

I told my HOD in Mathematics about the issue only to be told that that’s how the girls always behave anytime a young and handsome hard working teacher is posted to the school.

One funny thing is that as a teacher/professional photographer, some of the girls come to me to take half naked photos and as a businessman, I have no option than to comply with what they want.

I sometimes masturbate when I am going through their photos before handing them over to them because of the attractive thighs they expose. They are really seducing me.

Sometimes when I am on duty and tries to supervise them to keep their dormitories tidy, some undress and walk naked right before my eyes just to trigger my s.exual feelings.

Honestly, I get so tempted sometimes to give in but the fear of loosing my job as a teacher always put me on hold. I was planning to get a transfer to a different school but I have been to wait for a year before my transfer could be processed.

Please advise me, what can I do in order not to fall for these s.exy school girls who are deliberately seducing me?

I need your quick advice, otherwise I can make a very horrible mistake here. Trust me, some of the school girls are very beautiful and extremely attractive s.exually.

Problem shared is problem solved, thanks in advance.

Kindly drop your advice in the comment box and share the story for others to also comment. We need more ideas. Thank you


  1. Be strict with your rules when it comes to their sitting. No one should raise their legs to the desk. Kindly consult the counselor of the school to talk to them on their sitting.

  2. It’s just Adolescent behaviour and Youthful exuberance. Believe me,you will regret it when you kowtow to their sensuality. You are a professional. Remain resolute.

  3. Go to the school authorities and tell them about your weakness and seek transfer. Every human being has a weakness be bold and sincere.Else ……….


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