Photos of a wedding guest’s outfit has caught the attention of Nigerians, and a Nigerian lady, identified on Facebook as Finest Jenny reacting to it, has warned prospective guests who will be attending her wedding to avoid such dresses or get sacked on the D day

In the photo sighted by Bra Eddie of, the unidentified lady is seen in an outfit that exposes her very tempting breast to the perfect view of all the guests gathered at the ceremony.

The style of her outfit is so bad that people are asking why she was allowed to be part of the event in the place.

It is not clear how she is related to the groom or the bride but people believe her intention for wearing such indecent dress to the event was to seduce the groom

“Wedding guest, on my wedding day there will be securities at the entrance to the venue, you dress like this they send you back to your papa house, you cannot come and seduce my innocent husband with your indecency.” Finest Jenny wrote on her Facebook wall.

Check out the photos below


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