Everything that goes around, the elders say comes around. Our elders again cautioned us that if we are chewing the fingers of a monkey, we should watch ours.

Those who stood unconcerned when the Jews were being attacked because they were not Jews, should join me fight for Asempa and Joy Fm. At least some people’s jobs may be saved.

How many jobs have been created by the NPP since they assumed office under the leadership of Nana Addo? Kindly don’t mention the ever pures that they have listed under their fake one district one factory. I beg you !!! Let’s be seen to be serious in this nation.

You haven’t created anything for the people of Ghana yet you close down radio stations that employs hundreds of people and create unemployment. You close down banks, and other financial institutions and cause financial loss to the state !!! You halt contractors from working and refuse to pay them and many more instances that have brought hardship to many homes.

So the NPP suddenly have no thinkers and advicers ? What happened to the grey hairs that were always associated with wisdom ? Anyway, too many bald hairs have prevented us from seeing the greys .

Today, joy fm is about to go down, unbelievable. For all Kojo Oppong Nkrumah and joy fm did for NPP, I will be surprised if they look on for this to happen.

However, the simple imagination of putting over a hundred people out of job is what makes me believe this people are not thinking and they don’t have Ghanians and unemployed people at heart.

For my NPP friends and sympathizers who thought defending the radio stations which were being closed down with flimsy political excuses were wrong, come let’s do it again. Principles must outlive you !!!

Those who stood unconcerned because it was RADIO GOLD, MONTIE FM, RADIO XYZ and a host of radio stations who were percieved to be on the other side who were being pursued. An apology will not change anything, I know people are now understanding why the NO VOTE CAMPAIGN gave the president a technical knockout. They are using politics to destroy people !!!

I listened to people whom radio gold have trained, gave them exposure amongst others insulting management of radio gold in shock. Though they knew that the decision was political .

Let us ask ourselves what we have gained as individuals or as a nation since the NPP came to power !!! Then ask yourselves what you have lost since the NPP took over .

We are almost at the middle of December and even the good old Christmas songs are not being heard in the air . That should tell you where we are today .

Time is up for NANA OGU NDWUMA . There are better days ahead . The sun will shine again !!!

Kun fa Yakun


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