A middle school teacher who stole his student’s business idea and now making huge sums of money from it has openly confessed his crime.

Sharing his story on Social media, the unidentified teacher disclosed how he discouraged one of his brilliant students just to steal his idea.

According to him, the students explained the idea so well to him that he was left with no option than to steal the idea from them.

Below is the story as spotted by Bra Eddie of NewsTowerGh.com on one social media platforms

“Back when I was teaching at high school, our department (business-related) always had this project where our students will think of a product idea and be manufacturing (small-scale) it to sell to the other students.”

“I came across this product idea of a snack that looked really good in my mind. The group of students explained it really well so I saw that they really wanted it to be approved.”

“Moments later, I found myself emailing the dept to change the mechanics of the product conceptualization. I argued that it was a time for a little twist. Then I informed the group that they needed to change the products because this A.Y., the department wanted that all the products should be non-food. They were disheartened, but agreed.”


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