It appears stories of fake pastors luring their female church members and having sex with them in the name of casting out the devil from their bodies is never going to end anytime soon.

Notwithstanding the number of times such scandalous act keep happening, more people, especially women are becoming victims to such tricks every now and then instead of learning from others mistakes.

In the video you are about to watch, a woman who is believe to be in her early 30s lies naked on her back with her heavy thighs widely open to the perfect view of this fake man of God who was obviously enjoying the moment.

The naive woman, as directed by the pervert who claim to be a man of God, was heard repeating “enter” anytime he says “power” and penetrate through her Vjay with his huge manhood.

From the background is the voice of the junior pastor who was recording the act and also waiting for his turn to have sex with the brainwashed woman.

NB: Due to the concerns raised by some of our cherished readers as well as the policies governing our site concerning publication of explicit materials, we have decided to censor this video.

Watch the video below

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