Reverend Francis Antwi aka Rev. Obofour who was invited by the Greater Accra Regional Police Comand today Thursday 31st October for allowing a substance believed to be Indian hemp to be smoked in his church has responded to the invite.


According to Obofour in a statement to the police, he was in the spiritual realm and as such did not even see someone smoking during his deliverance service.

Rev. Obofour claims he was possessed by the Holy Spirit and it was the Holy Spirit who ordered the young man to smoke the wee during the deliverance service and not him.

Obofuor, the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel was invited by the police following a strange deliverance service that occurred when he was preaching at Prophet Abruku Abruka’s church.

Obofour called a man with marijuana in his pocket and ordered him to smoke at the church. He went on to deliver the person of the weed-smoking spirit that possesses him after he was done smoking.

Following a public outcry after the video hit online, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr. James Oppong-Boanuh ordered Obofour to be invited and questioned.

Meanwhile, the young man who was ordered to smoke the weed is now claiming he was hird by Obofour prior to the church program to appear in the church with weed and follow all the instructions Obofour will give him for a fee.


  1. Please, the date is not correct and moreover I am confused. We don’t have 31, September.

    We are not safe in this country anymore all in the name of the so-called Oborfuo and Obinim. What are they taking the Holy spirit for? There should be measures for these two so-called anointed men of God. The Christian counsel should rise and come to the aid of their church members.


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