After exploiting our natural resources and causing ‘everlasting’ damages to our lands, Chinese men have resorted to dating and sexing our women, both married and singles.

In few months after a video of a Chinese man making out with a black women with his very small manhood in a plastic chair (click the link below this story join our WhatsApp group for the video ) surfaced on social media, photos of another Chinese man happily pressing the breasts of a married woman together with minors has been released online.

The picture has received mixed reactions after it was shared on Facebook by a renowned Facebook group in Malawi identified as “Malawi Times”

The picture shows a Chinese man feeling on a woman named Grace who apparently is a married woman in the community.

Instead of being ashamed, you see the Chinese man as well as the lady who was obviously ‘feeling’ the touches laughing.

According “Malawi Times”, husband of the unashamed woman got hold of the picture through a friend and sent it to the administrators of the group to shame this behavior potrayed by this Chinese man and madam Grace.

“Its only a matter of time until we see Malawian Bruce Lees walking around the nation” An online observer commented on the photos.



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