Many ladies in Ghana today do a lot of things on social media for followership, likes and general approval.


Some of these social media ladies have come to be known for particular reasons or qualities they posses.

One such person is Pamela Odame Watara whose name has become synonymous with ‘big-bosomed’ women.

But it looks like Pamela will soon lose her title as the woman with the heaviest melons, as social media often terms it.

A lady by name Vickie Ama has popped up and her photos show she has a similar size of breast if not more than that of Pamela.

Vickie does not only rely on the size of her twin towers to catch attention like we know Pamela.

She goes the extra mile to flash her nipples in almost every post on social media and she is truly getting some attention.

It is interesting that someone who claims to be a nurse will have such raunchy photos and an videos put online

But Vickie already has over 100,000 followers on social media.

This is quite an enviable feat who is not even known in mainstream media.

Check out the photos below


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