Gloria Chinyere, a mother who suffered cancer, has shared the shocking story of how she visited a highly-recommended herbalist to help treat her ailment.

Gloria narrated how her cancer returned at a time when she was unemployed and couldn’t afford cancer treatment.

People then suggested a herbalist in Jos who they claim has a high success rate in treating cancer patients.

She said she went from Abuja to Jos in search of the herbalist and on getting there, she met a number of other patients, male and female, who claimed they got better after receiving treatment from the herbalist. Her aunt, whose cancer was treated by the same herbalist, also assured her that the herbalist can be trusted.

Gloria went for the surgery in Jos and went home with herbs given to her by the herbalist to drink and use in cleaning the wounds.

But she got worse and went back to the herbalist in Jos only to find so many other patients whose cases had deteriorated. The aunt who advised her to go to the herbalist also slipped into a coma and died.

It was at this point that Gloria rushed back to the National Hospital in Abuja where professionals gave their best to save her life.

She shared her experience to warn others about taking the short cut when it comes to treating cancer.

Read her story below.


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