A 38- year- old man has allegedly stabbed his wife 35, to death after finding out she was having an affair with a colleague worker.

The man, Roderick Deakin-White , found out that his wife, Amy Parsons was cheating with James Saunders who worked with her at a city insurance firm.

Court has found out that the couple had been together for several years before Mrs. Parsons became unhappy with Deakin-White being in women dressings most of his time.

It was reveal in court that, before Deakin-White met his wife, had had little in relationship with other women and evidence suggest that he was extremely over dependent upon Parsons.
The flat in which they lived was owned by Parsons as the defendant did not go out to work and his wife was providing him with financial support as she works as a personal assistant to a manager in an insurance company.

Few weeks before her death, Amy became find of a colleague worker called James Saunders to the extent that they began sexual relationship.

Later, Amy Parsons did tell her husband about her relationship with James, hence being stabbed to death.


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