The Ghana Beyond Aid Committee led by the Senior Minister, Hon. Yaw Osafo-Maafo held a stakeholder consultation with Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) on 8th October, 2019 in Accra purposely to broaden discussions and also solicit the views on the draft Ghana Beyond Aid Charter and Strategy document for effective implementation.

The FBOs were engaged mainly because they have the captive market in reaching out to their congregation by providing explanation on the Ghana Beyond Aid Charter and Strategy document. The stakeholder consultation afforded the FBOs with the expected knowledge and understanding of the President’s vision on the ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’.

In his presentation, the Senior Minister, observed the need for Ghanaians to take control of their resources and harness them for national development saying, “This could be done when citizens worked with a healthy mindset that was geared towards advancing the interest of the nation instead of individual aspirations. What Ghana needs is progress that would last forever, and that progress depends on our character, our minds, and how we do things,” the Senior Minister stated.

Hon. Osafo-Maafo, added that God has blessed Ghana with a good land which supports everything we do. We have arable lands and numerous mineral resources, but we are not progressing as we should. So why are we not prospering when those who don’t have what we have are prospering. It depends on how we work and how we treat government.

In that regard, the Senior Minister informed FBOs to share with their members that Ghana belonged to every Ghanaian and therefore the need to put in measures that would make the nation progress is very important. In this case, everybody should do his part as is expected, particularly in the area of taxation, attitudinal change to work, commitment to duty and the love for the country Ghana.

The FBOs present were representatives from the Catholic Bishops Conference, Catholic Secretariat, Christian Council of Ghana, Pentecostal Council, Ghana Islamic Union, Office of the National Chief Imam among others. The religious leaders applauded the Ghana Beyond Aid Committee and government for championing this agenda and they called for a truly non-partisan approach to implementing this vision. Some remarked that for such a vision to work effectively, there must be the need for effective law enforcement regime in Ghana to remove all forms of crime and corruption that could fight against its implementation. Others were of the view that tourism should equally feature prominently as a key component in the drive towards Ghana Beyond Aid.

Prior to meeting the FBOs, the Ghana Beyond Aid Committee met the Council of State, Ghana’s Development Partners, Civil Society Organizations, NCCE, and National House of Chiefs. The committee is scheduled to meet the Press and other institutions such as the Parliament of Ghana before the document would be finalized.



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