For years, people have been shocked as well as surprised to read and listen to stories about creatures with human-like features.

A mermaid or a yeti can leave anyone excited. While proofs of their existence might be a debate, a Chinese village is in news these days for similar incident. A visitor, who took a visit to Miao village in Kunming, China, was left stunned to spot a fish that happens to have a human face.

She shared the video online, leaving other netizens in surprise. In a video that has now gone viral, a fish can be spotted to have a human-like face, with a man’s eyes, nose and mouth. The woman can also be heard saying, “The fish has turned into a fairy.”

The fish swims to the surface of water, pokes its head out and drinks water. Eventually, it goes inside water again. The video was first shared on Chinese social-media platform Weibo, which has now gone viral.

However, this is not the first time that something of this sort has been spotted in a Chinese village. Back in 2016, Qiu Xiaohua, an elementary school teacher, found a human-like fish in Wugang City, in Central China’s Hunan Province. He found the carp while he was out for fishing.

In 2010, a 44 year-old butcher from Essex found a similar “humanoid”carp. It was later sold at £40,000.


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