By : Godwin Ako Gunn

Our elders say everything that goes round comes around. A characteristic of a serpent that never changes, is It’s tongue. It’s divided into two for deception.

This current president, NANA ADDO DANQUAH and its cabinet, have proven to be that serpent that delivered the apple to eve (our teachers), for onward transfer to Adam, the next generation.

The story of Adam and Eve in the bible have never been this practical to me than these few days with the schemes of this NPP administration, trying to force LGBT down our throat.

All presidents of Ghana have made their positions on homosexuality clear to Ghanaians apart from Nana Akuffo Addo, the current president. The two prominent statements from president mills and president kuffour resonates with almost every Ghanian.

President mills was so forthright with this statement; we will not take any aid with strings attached. David Cameron can not tell another sovereign nation what to do!!!

President kuffour was also clear in his mind as I transcribe his statement in twi saying; with all these beautiful ladies, then a normal human being will stand behind another man to have sex, he won’t be part of it and it won’t happen.

So how couldn’t our Nana Addo, who art in Ghana, make this simple statement, but rather told us ” it is bound to happen ” .

As a nation we have placed the cat before the horse . The religious leaders should have questioned him to explain what he ment by “IT IS BOUND TO HAPPEN” . But we slept over it, whiles he went busily to work like a thief at night. He was just bound to make it happen !!!

Today, books have been printed, teachers have been trained with funds from LGBT and indeed, it’s being thought in our schools as we speak.

This makes me feel our religious authorities are sleeping. This is with all due respect please!!!. If they have to rise up, then the time is now. Better late than never . This should get us angry enough to work against it.

At least His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has assured us in his statement yesterday asking for this tumor to be removed. It is refreshing to know that , the NDC will remove this “APPLE” ( COMPREHENSIVE SEXUALITY EDUCATION ) in the hands of the president will be thrown out if JM is given the mandate.

Many should rise up to the occasion. Let me use this opportunity to salute MOSES AMOANIN for his efforts to bring this subject to the front burner, though electricity, water and talk time tax have all been increased, effective this October. He is not a Pastor, an Imam nor represents Nana nom.

Let me also sound a caution to all of us in the media especially on social media to be careful of pictures we post. If you are fighting this comprehensive sexuality education, come with a clean hand.

Some of the pictures and videos we post are sometimes offensive. You do not need to show pictorial evidence to explain what is already happening.

Let us fight this with all our might and strength, our anthem and pledge enjoins us to. Lets protect our ethical and moral orientation. LGBT is evil, it is satanic and we can’t cloth it in anyway to make it sound right. GOD HATES IT !!!

There is a question God is asking us today, just as he did with Adam; GHANA, GHANA WHERE ARE YOU ? We should not sit for Nana Addo to answer on our behalf, WE ARE NAKED !!!

No one should sit unconcerned !!!
Let’s fight this together, there are better days ahead .

Kun fa Yakun


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