Thousands of young people from almost all the countries within the African continent gathered yesterday at the Kigali Arena, Rwanda for 2019 edition of the Youth Connect Africa.

The Youth Connect Africa (YCA) summit is an African home-grown programme designed to provide relevant solution for global south initiative to empower the youth. The YCA is a hub operates as Pan African platform with the vision of connecting African youths for socio- economic transformation.

President of the host country, Paul Kagame, speaking at the summit on the theme “Boosting an industrious young African” advised young Africans to be very proactive and chase opportunities instead of waiting for opportunities to knock on their doors.

“Opportunity does not go to people’s homes knocking at their doors and saying ‘Hello, do you need me?’ People need to go knocking on opportunity’s door. You open and say ‘hello’ and the opportunity will actually say: ‘I am here. What do you want?’”

Moreover, president of the fastest growing economy in Africa, Paul Kagame said that though it is the duty of the government to create opportunities such as employment and others but the African Youth must also have it in mind that they have a role bro play as citizens in the development process.

“While there is responsibility for governments to create the best environment for youth, know that there is your role to play, because even if you were in a place where the government is doing its best and providing everything, that’s not enough until you the young people are making an effort to tap into what’s available for you to grow yourself,” he said

( Asare-Bediako Addo)
Bediako Vibes


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