Sexual harassment and misconduct by staff of Combridge University in the UK has been reported to be on it’s highest level according to an investigation by the Guardian.

Alleged victims narrated to the Guardian that, they were threatened not to make any official complaints and due to fear of impact at the end of the reportage to authorities, their allegations were informally resolved.

A senior partner at McAllister Olivarius law firm expressed that, “sexual harassment of students by staff members has reached Epidemic Levels in British Universities . Most universities have no effective mechanism to stop staff from pressuring students into sexual relationships, and when it happens, any sort of disciplinary action is pretty non-existent. Those in charge are often colleagues who get incentives not to intervene”.

According to the findings, Young women are often terrified about the consequences if they make any complaint about a staff member. Most often when they do, the university’s chief concern is to downplay any wrongdoings and protect it’s reputation by keeping the whole thing quite.


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