One thing that most single girls can’t wait to see happening to them is to see a man down on his knees begging them to spend the rest of their lifetime with them. In fact, some of these ladies, specifically those over 30 don’t even care about who that man would be, whether he is employed or not working, rich or poor, short or tall, all they need is someone to call their husband.

Irrespective of how marriage seems to be very attractive to many girls, not all of them see it that way and we strongly believe that the lady you are about to see in the video below is one of such girls.

In this video, a guy is seen on his knees proposing to a lady with a ring in the presence of her colleagues at a lecture hall. To our dismay, the lady who was clearly not cool with the guy’s romantic move towards her retaliated with a heavy slap on his face.

Of course, it was embarrassing moment for the guy and as a guy I cannot even imagine being in this kind of situation.

It is not clear whether the two were dating before the incident. We can equally not judge the lady for her actions towards the guy because we know some guys have adopted this public proposal thing to force themselves on girls…especially the shy ones.

If you are guy and you are planning to propose to your wife to be this way, kindly ponder over it again because not all girls are in for marriage.

Watch the video below…


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