There Is A Power That Comes From Within That Knows No Social Caste, No Insurmountable Obstacles And No Unsolvable Problems.

This Power That Comes From Within Is Available To The Poor And Humble As It Is To The Rich And Powerful. It Is Possessed By All Who Think Accurately.

This Power Cannot Be Put Into Effect For You By Anyone Except You.

The Approach To All Genius Has Been Charted. It Is The Same Path Followed By All Great Leaders Who Have Contributed Positively To Humanity’s Way Of Life On This Planet.

The Emergencies Of Life Often Bring People To Cross-Roads Where They Are Forced To Choose Between Roads Marked FAITH AND FEAR. The Choice Hinges On One’s Mental Attitude And The Creator Has So Arranged Our Powers That We Each Control Our Own.

Those Who Choose And Take Faith’s Road Have Conditioned Their Minds To Believe That It Is Possible. One Such Person Is The Brand “SHATTA WALE”.

SHATTA WALE Also Known As CHARLES MENSAH JNR, You Found That Secret Power Within And Have Discovered Your True Self, That Other Self Who Makes Use Of Every Experience Of Life.

JNR, Whether You Build A Better Mousetrap, Write A Better Book Or Preach A Better Sermon, The World Will Beat A Path To Your Door, Recognize You And Reward You.

SUCCESS Will Be Yours Forever No Matter What Because You Have The Secret Power Within.

On Behalf Of Team Shatta, S.M. Fans Across The Globe And The Entire Members Of Your Family, I WISH YOU A HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY!!!



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