As i say always, Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) is arguably one of the greatest music icons in the whole world, his name is now a household name,he is loved by both young and old, males and females, whites and black people not because he built many mansions, bought expensive cars and was the richest musician in Jamaica but it is as a result of the masterpieces he released, the kind of messages he preached through his music.

In Ghana, there are lots of legends in the music industry, one young Ghanaian musician whose name will forever remains in the heart and minds of good music consumers is Takoradi Effiakuma’s very own M A R T I N K I N G A R T H U R commonly known as K O F I K I N N A T A.

This is a young man who have over the years since his introduction into the Ghanaian music industry has released several masterpieces which are enjoyed by both youth and the aged from Ghana and even beyond the shoes of the country.

Kofi Kinaata

The young musician from the western region, Takoradi Effiakuma to be precise, is described by many good music consumers as one of the genius songwriters in the history of Ghana music industry. Kofi kinnata has the won best songwriter category at the Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) for two consecutive times,2016 and 2017.

The Sususka and Confession hitmaker believes that upon all the award plaques gained from his hard work, the most valuable award to him is to make sure that his songs have more impact on people who listens to his pieces. Kofi sings about life and other pertinent issues in societies.

Kofi holds the view that music is a powerful tool which if it is carefully composed, it can positively change the minds of people and leads to societal change. For this reason, He has been one of the young Ghanaian artistes who on countless occasions appealed to his colleagues not to always sing about sex, female body parts, drugs and others but should see music as a tool for development.

Kinnata is one of the young Ghanaian musicians who have revived the spirit of the Ghanaian indigenous music, which is highlife music. This is evident in the kind of instrumentation he chooses, his style of singing and also the advise he takes from old ‘highlifers’.

If the saying that, “the tongue of the good composer/ poet’ never rots” is true, then Kofi kinnata’s tonque will never rot.

Long live kinnata!

Writer (Asare-Bediako Addo)
Bediako Vibes


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